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6 1st, “to promote expansion of domestic demand, encourage
, Home appliances, “TM” Implementation Plan “formally introduced, the current first pilot provinces and cities are Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Jiangsu,
, Shandong, Guangdong, Fuzhou, Changsha nine provinces, Sichuan is not among the group of pilot cities, however, Sichuan and manufacturers of various household appliances chain stores but did not let go of this opportunity, first test the water, have spontaneously begun “to a new leaf “in order to control the market and their marketing. The different standards of valuation, the price mostly depends on the old machine a new machine for the price.

Skeptical consumers are most concerned about the change in the end Zage

Most consumers are no strangers to the TM to a matter of fact, there are many appliance stores before been carried out “TM” business, but, in general, Jiu Jiadian discount is very low, although many consumers would also like TM, but often find the prices too low and eventually took another approach.

And the nation has issued policies to subsidize household appliances, the “TM” The gold content is no doubt far from the same business than in the past, consumers have re-ignited a passion in mind, watching the “TM “substantial number of people.

A Ms. Sun says that long ago to another
Flat Panel TV
However, home TV is 29 inches, and the earlier intention to sell the collection Jiujia Dian, but can only sell 100, that too is not worth, can now directly redemption, they can enjoy state subsidies, so that you can instantly another big size
Plasma TV

However, there are still many consumers are skeptical of this program, the most concern is that many models of home appliances brand, there are different levels of waste, Jiu Jiadian in the end how to discount? Home appliances brand new ones asking one to one category? Is where the flow of the collected waste home appliances? These focus issues, indeed the specific implementation details have yet to be determined after the introduction.

The first to test the water appliances maker pushes “three principles of a new leaf”
Although Sichuan is not the country
appliance “TM” in the pilot cities, but many home appliance manufacturers have been the first to make moves in Sichuan,
, Skyworth and other home appliance manufacturers to take the lead in carrying out the “TM” activities, while the TM to the manufacturers to conduct their own folding machine prices will be very clear provisions, the redemption process is also simple.

An appliance
Officials said that now the “TM” is a business activity in fact none other promotional activities, a lot of Jiu Jiadian not sell less than 35 hundred dollars, manufacturers raise prices recovered Jiujia Dian, in fact, indirectly faiths.

This weekend, Skyworth will organize the “TM” activities, including members of the public may Jiujia Dian
, Refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, rice cookers, induction cooker, electric fans and other discounts to Skyworth recycling, in which 29-inch and above TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners or worse recovery price of 500 yuan; 25-inch and below TV Products , rice cooker, induction cooker, electric fans for better or worse recovery price of 200. On that basis, Skyworth also additional subsidies on selected products, the maximum amount of up to 500. This calculation, the maximum discount up to 1,000 yuan activities.

Addition, Changhong also TM to carry out activities across the country while direct subsidies to consumers as much as 1,000 yuan. Meanwhile, Changhong also the first time in

Industry proposed replacement three main principles: first, the “high-low prices” principle, which is highly subsidized low purchase price, subsidized low-priced purchase of new TVs. For example, a 18 & Home meteorite Department wooden brake real world? Quan? Dead of Chu? The sunset Mang? Glycosides? J Cham Jinchu? Turbulence glycosides Huan? 00 yuan, if for 50 & jealous sodium paddle Mi bridal veil Sakura? Drum baicalensis? Tun Huan Jia?? 000. Second, do not “cherry-picking” principle, that is, not only with Changhong for Changhong TV, no matter what your old TV is brand can be redeemed. Third, the “
Door “principle. To facilitate replacement, Changhong door staff will not only take away the old TV pricing and timely, but also a new TV delivered free to homes and installed and tested. BOLA TANGKAS