Side Effects of Low Carbohydrate (Carb) Diets – How Can This Be True?

You must first understand about the side effect of low carbohydrate (carb) diets and choose the right meals during your diet period. Low carbohydrate diets are basically dietary programs that reduce the carbohydrate consumption, which means the highly digestible carbohydrates foods – e.g. bread, pasta are substitute with foods containing a higher percentage of proteins such as soy product and other low carbohydrates foods like green leafy vegetables.

They can be either a high-fat diet or high protein diet. “Net Carbs” are common words in low carbohydrate diet, which advocates in general to reduce the nutritive carbohydrates (Net Carbs) consumption such as desserts, breads, pastas, potatoes, rice, and other sweet or starchy foods. Some recommend levels as low as 20-30 grams of “net carbs” per day, at least in the early stages of dieting.

Here are some of the side effects :-

Lack of energy in the body – Since carbohydrate is an important for energy, when you consume foods with low carbohydrate this will reduce the calories intake into your body and you will start feeling weak.
Force body to starve – All low carbohydrate diets are limited in calories and unable to cater to your daily routine. After your body has been functioning on a starvation diet for a while, your metabolism will slow down, which means your metabolic rate is lower now, and therefore burns less energy than it did before. Thus, once you start going back to your old diet, this will result in weight gain.
Increase fat in body instead of burning them if the wrong carbohydrate foods are consumed especially those with high calorie dense.

High Density of Healthy Carbohydrate Foods

Many healthy carbohydrate foods are too calorie dense – in other words they have too many “healthy calories” concentrated in every serving. There are many healthy foods which are loaded with important nutrients and have a low carbohydrate rating (glycemic rating) which makes them very healthy.

However, those same foods are often “calorie dense” which means that your body cannot process all of those “healthy” calories and it converts the extra calories to fat tissue.

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