Significantly Extend Your Razor Blade Life – Go Green and Save Money Shaving

 The internet is full of articles about cleaning your razors in alcohol, dislodging stubble with a toothbrush, or drying your razor blades. Whether drying your blades with a towel or a blow dryer, drying your blades has been experimentally shown to increase blade longevity by 122%. But what if you want to increase longevity by 200 or 300%. Nothing on the internet describes that kind of savings.

Some people recommend changing back to the old style razors, because replacement blades are so inexpensive, but most people like the safety and convenience of the new cartridge designs. Some men have even changed back to the old fashioned shaving brush and shaving soaps.Using old style razors does save substantially over time, but the initial costs for the old style handle and shaving brush are high. These costs are quickly amortized by the low costs of replacement blades.

Other ways of decreasing the cost of shaving involves the use of shaving cream. Women can save money shaving by changing to men’s shaving cream. But all these cans of cream not only cost significantly more to use, but have a significant environmental impact, with their propellants, plastic nozzles and caps. Another alternative for women is to change from canned creams to shaving with a 50:50 mixture of baby oil and moisturizing lotion. This is even cheaper and better than shaving with hair conditioner as some propose.

I figured out what makes razor blades dull, and how to cheaply prevent it. The average person spends $ 75-100 on razors each year, and I want to help put a big dent in that for 250 million Americans. Imagine if you only had to spend $ 25 or 30 per year. Nowadays everyone wants to go green. Think of the environmental impact. If you change your blade every two weeks, and an average a pack of 4 blades weighing 2 ounces, changing them every 4 weeks will save over 25,000 tons of garbage in the landfill each year. Imagine if you only had to change them every six weeks! It is not only good for the planet but good for your wallet too.

Triple the life of your razor blades for only $ 3. I figured out how to prevent your razor from getting dull