Signs He Wants to Break Up ? Insight Into Whether Your Boyfriend is Going to Dump You

Something has changed between you and your boyfriend. You can’t quite put your finger on it but there’s definitely a shift in the dynamic between the two of you. You’ve brought it up to him and he told you that you’re imagining things or that nothing is wrong at all. You’re unsure and you just can’t shake the feeling that he’s about to dump you. If he’s not being upfront about what he’s feeling and if your instinct is telling you that something is amiss, there is a way to know for sure. There are signs he wants to break up that will help you gain some insight into what is really going on with him.

Here are 4 clear signs he wants to break up with you:

He stops attending family functions with you. If you two have been dating for any period of time, your boyfriend likely goes to all your family functions with you. Once he starts coming up for excuses for why he can’t attend or he bows out each time you go over to visit your parents or even close friends, that’s a big red flag. He’s on the brink of dumping you. Essentially he’s detaching himself from the relationship and from your life.

He stops talking about the future as it relates to the two of you as a couple. Remember how the two of you would talk endlessly about your future plans? If he doesn’t initiate those conversations anymore or if he changes the subject immediately when you do, you’ve got a huge problem on your hands. He just doesn’t view you as part of his future the way he used to.

He’s making life decisions without your input. Couples make important decisions together. If you’ve just found out that he’s moving to a new place or accepted a new job, that’s a sign that he doesn’t feel connected to you at all. Any man who stops asking the opinion of the woman he loves, isn’t invested in their relationship anymore.

He flirts with other women right in front of you. This can be the most painful sign of all. When a man loses the attraction he felt for his girlfriend, he’ll think nothing of flirting with others right in front of her. He may just glance at another pretty woman when you’re sitting across from him or he may take it to the next step and strike up a conversation with someone at a party. Regardless, of how he handles the flirting, if he’s doing it in front of you it’s a sign that he doesn’t care much for you anymore.

Recognizing these signs of an approaching break up can help a woman understand where her boyfriend’s head is at. Gaining insight during a situation like this is always a good thing.