Silver Box Chain – The Best Selling Silver Chain of All Time

Jewelry chains are usually made from precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum as well as steel. These particular metals are used because of their strength, their ability to keep their shape and need only minimal upkeep. The best selling silver chain of all time is the silver box chain. A box chain is comprised of square links that are connected to form a smooth chain. The beauty of this chain is the many ways that it can be worn.

Types of Silver Chains

There are many types of silver chains. One type is the trace chain which is the simplest style. The links are uniform in breadth and thickness and can be very delicate. Another type of chain is the rope chain; this chain has the appearance of two twisting strands spiraling into one unit. The Herringbone chain is formed from v-shaped links and lays completely flat. The Prince of Wales style is a twisting chain comprised of tiny circular links; each individual link has a minimum of four others joining into it. The Spiga chain is made up of links in small figure-eight configuration to form a 3D chain. The silver box chain, also known as the briolette, has links that are square-shaped and linked tightly together.

Why the Box Chain is the Best Selling Chain

The silver box chain is the most popular chain for many reasons. These chains exude a brilliant shine. They are beautiful whether worn alone or in combination with a silver charm or pendant. These chains are the strongest of all pendant chains.

Different Utilizations and Lengths

A silver box chain, also known as mirrored box chain, can be worn in various ways. It can be worn as a traditional necklace. A silver bracelet is stunning on the wrist. As a hip accent, wear an anklet made of silver. It is sold in any length in the following five styles: 1.1mm, 1.5mm, 1.7mm, 2.7mm and 3.5mm. Additionally, a silver chain can be used as a foundation from which to hang decorative pendants and charms.

Different types of Clasps

There are many types of clasps for the silver box chain. A spring ring clasp, commonly used to secure necklaces, bracelets and anklets, opens when you push a little lever back. Then you can insert the chain or loop attached to the chain into the open circle and release. A lobster claw clasp has a small spring in its mechanism that keep arm closed until the lever is pushed. Lobster claw clasps are a bit easier to open and close than a spring ring clasp. Box clasps are two-piece clasps that are opened by pushing down on the exterior lever of a piece of metal which compresses so it slides out of the opening.

The silver box chain is a basic of any woman’s jewelry wardrobe. Whether worn to work or while relaxing at home on the weekend, this popular chain looks great with any outfit. It shine, durability and versatility make it a must-have for any woman.