The both are different in themselves the deals and the prices are different too, so your usage can make a choice.
The deals make it possible to happen that the mobile phone that is in the hand of the user works and that too at a very nominal price may it be messages, calls or the internet. The two deals can never be matched to the contract deals as they are like agreement and specify everything beforehand. But the two that are the pay as you go deals or sim free deals are kind of similar. The pay as you go deals has a specific type and that is that these deals are made for those who love to enjoy the freedom. The freedom is that there is no agreement, no offers as the offers are in recharge the user has to get to be done when ever needed and for whatever purpose needed. Imagine if you as user need a top up in your number for free call or free messages than there are different recharges that can render you the required. The offers for the user can change they don’t have to make themselves stick to ne plan. The user can make things and offers happen as per their needs. As per the trend of UK the youth as the pas as you phones the most as their pocket are at crisis most of the time. They always get the recharge done when they have some in their pocket. The deals that are the PAYG deals only offer the mobile phone at a cut down cost and not for free.

Then are the sim free mobile phones that are least in the demand but still they have the capability to offer the liberty to the user that is the superlative form of the freedom. There is no boundation to go for as pay as you go deal or a contract deal. As in the sim free mobile phones the phone can take any connection after the purchase and also can change that when needed.