Simple And Fast Shingels Pain Relief

Shingles is a painful viral infection of the nerves that can leave you blistered and very sore. It comes from the same virus that chicken pox is from. If you had chicken pox as a child, you are susceptible to shingles. There is very little that you can do to predict when or if you are going to get it and finding how you actually get it is something of a mystery. Finding shingles pain relief can seem like a frustrating and anxious endeavor, but it can be done.

While this article can help you understand shingles a little better and provide some options in treatments as well as managing the pain, it is not meant to be taken as medical advice.

Shingles first shows up in the form of an itchy rash. Within a couple of days blisters will show up and make it even more itchy. Don’t scratch them and don’t pop them. Use an ice pack to bring quick comfort to the infected area. Also, be sure to limit skin contact with the blistered area as shingles is very contagious.

Wash the area rubbing gently using soap and a cool cloth. It is important that you use cold water when treating shingles as warm and hot water will make it worse. Pat it dry gently. Take calamine lotion and treat it like a bad case of poison ivy. Make sure you cover it completely to help take care of the pain that comes from shingles.

One thing that will help is taking a corn starch bath. Add a couple handfuls of corn starch to cool water and take a nice soothing bath.

If you notice that any of the blisters get infected, then put hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball and rub gently over the blister. Don’t pop the blisters as this will only help to spread it and infect the blistered area.

Stress is known to be a contributor to shingles and may help make it worse. Do what you can to relax yourself. If you know some relaxation and breathing techniques, then use them to help control the pain from shingles.

Use loose clothing rather than tight, form fitting clothing as do what you can to keep cool and dry.

If pain becomes unbearable, go see a doctor and have him help you find a treatment for you. Shingles could lead to nerve damage that is permanent and cause you pain for years.

There are other options that you can use in dealing with shingles, but above all try to keep calm and be gentle in dealing with them. Shingles pain relief can be had, but it must be treated with care. BOLA TANGKAS
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