Simple Skin Care Tips

Do men really need to take care of their skin? Yes, the days of when a man was seen as rugged, masculine and a tough guy with ruddy skin are over. Pock marks, acne scars, deep creases in the skin, bags under the eyes, crow’s feet and other lines on the face are not considered attractive anymore. Men need not obsess over their appearance, not as much as women do, but they still need to look good, stay youthful in appearance, and have skin that appears to be healthy.

There are some basic things a man can do to achieve this. One is forget washing your face with plain soap. Don’t scrub your face with hair shampoo either. These products are made for other parts of the body, the torso in the case of soap, and the scalp/hair in the case of shampoo. For the proper cleansing and treatment of your face, you need to use products that are specifically designed for use in that area. Especially, if you have acne on your face, then you need to take extra special care and use the correct products to wash, clean and protect your face.

There are basically three classes of products for men’s skin care. The first is a cleanser which may also be an exfoliate. An exfoliate not only washes your skin clean, but also has some mild abrasives in it, like finely ground apricot pits or sand, that are helpful to remove dead skin. You may also want to use an abrasive skin mitt or a loofah with a skin cleanser to exfoliate if you need to.

The idea is to strip the skin of the dirt and the layers of dead skin at the surface, open the pores, and treat any acne growing areas, so that they do not have such a chance to let acne develop. The second class of skin care are the astringents. These may as simple uses as rubbing alcohol, or witch hazel on a cotton ball or can be as complex as the variety of skin treatment preparations on the market.

Once your skin is cleaned of debris and the pores have been opened by the cleanser and exfoliate process, then the next thing to do is to rid the pores of bacteria that will otherwise cause problems. That is why alcohol is used or witch hazel. One of these two is usually an ingredient in all the other skin preparations that work effectively in this area. You simply want to kill the bacteria with the application of an astringent. Sometimes you may also use salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide or other known acne fighters at this stage as well.

The final treatment is to use a high quality non-greasy, non-shiny skin cream. This is the protective barrier between your skin and the elements. Sunscreens fall into this category as well. So there you have it – the steps, 1-2-3, for proper men’s skin care (1) Cleanse the skin and exfoliate (2) Kill any bacteria that lingers in the pores and (3) Protect your skin from the elements. BOLA TANGKAS