Simple Steps to Go For Gold With Your Business Card

Do you have a business card?
Does your business card work for you?
Do you know that your business card is the cheapest pot of gold your business can have available?

I have been extensively researching and looking at business cards, why people use them, what people use them for and whether or not they are a cost effective business tool or an expensive, although seemingly cost effective investment and have realised that in almost all cases they are actually an expensive, although seemingly cost effective investment and within days of leaving your hand they are already in the recycle bin being turned into someone else’s business card instead of being used to help your prospective customers and clients the way they were intended to do when they were first created!

Now you may be wondering why I say this and you may be thinking:

But everyone has a business card, it’s really important to have them
Of course it is a cost effective investment
How else do I give people my contact details?
Carol, what are you talking about?

I totally agree that everyone should have a business card and that it should be one of the cheapest and most cost effective investments you can make to help you and your business but ask yourself – is your current business card this or is it simply a piece of card with your:

contact details
job title

Does your business card do what it is meant to do and is it really working for you?

Take out one of your cards now and have a good look at it – and then answer these questions:

Does it stand out from the crowd?
Does it tell your prospective clients that you understand their pain and problems?
Does it offer your prospects a solution to their pain or problem?
Does it tell your prospects what to do now they have your card?
Does it tell your prospects how to do what you want them to do?

If you haven’t answered yes to all of the above then you are missing out! Your business card needs to do all of the above and have all of the above ingredients on it if you are going to receive any phone calls, emails or new visitors to your website as a result of giving your card to someone else. If it doesn’t then it is simply not working for you.

Do you know what your prospective clients and customers are looking for?
Do you know how to tell them that you are the person who they are looking for and who can help them? Do you know how to make your business card stand out from the crowd and answer all of your prospective clients and customers’ questions and let them know that you understand their challenges and their pain and that you can offer exactly the solution they are looking for?

Your business card is perhaps the most cost effective and simplest way that you can do all of this, if you know how to use it properly and follow the vital steps to success with your business card.

If you want to gain more referrals, attract more clients and customers and receive more telephone calls, emails and visitors to your website, you can do this by making just a few simple tweaks to your current card.

Doing this is one of the quickest and most effective ways that you really can increase your visibility and see results easily!!

So when you purchase your next business cards, make sure that you have the vital success ingredients on them and that they:

Show your personality to the world
Attract attention and stand out from the crowd
Position you as the specialist and expert in your field
Tell your customers and clients that you understand their problems and pains
Offer them a clear specialist solution to their problems and pains so that they know you are
Tell people what to do next to resolve their pain and receive the right solution
Tell them how to take the right action

If you use these simple steps and include these powerful, often misunderstood ingredients on every card you create and use, you will be carrying a small pot of gold in your pocket and handing out cards that really work for you and you will receive more calls, more emails and more visitors to your website.

Turn your business card into a powerful promotional and marketing tool that really works for you