Simple Techniques To Reduce Calories Lose Fat

A lot of one’s favorite foods are usually forbidden on most diets, but it doesn’t hurt (and may actually help) to cheat once in a while and indulge in your favorite foods. You can indulge and not feel bad by simply reducing the level of fat, calories and in some cases possibly add some nutrients to these foods.

With a few tricks of the trade you’ll still be able to enjoy foods you like without the excess fat. Here’s 5 ways to minimize calories, but keep the taste!

Pizza – You’ve probably read that you should order thin crust rather than the thick pan crust or choose the vegetable delight instead of the meaty types, yet you can easily reduce 15 grams or more of fat per pizza just by ordering it light on the cheese. Also, try adding extra sauce for added boost of taste and cancer fighting lycopene.

Fried potatoes – French fries have gotten a bad reputation over the years, and for just cause, but if it can help you to stick to your diet knowing you’re able to treat yourself every once in a while and enjoy such fried spuds, then so be it. The next time you’re in a restaurant order steak fries over the regular or curly fries. The steak fries don’t soak up as much fatty oils hence decreasing fat content. Furthermore, not all oils are the same. Make sure your french fries are cooked properly in oils free of any trans fats.

Processed Goods – A trick to reduce the amount of fat from processed items without needing to drain all of the flavorful juices is to refrigerate them for 24 hours or more just before opening to allow all of the excess fat to separate and rise up. For additional health benefits opt for reduced salt variations of your favorite canned goods, as well.

Butter – By using a soft buttery spread instead of the typical stick butter you’ll save approximately five grams of fat for every serving. Don’t want to switch butters? Try warming up your butter to melt it before using. You might utilize less as compared to trying to spread it on cold. Simply set out your butter an hour or so just before spreading or soften it using the microwave.

Frozen Treats – Want a delicious full flavored all natural ice cream which is huge on taste but not on fat? Then check out Breyers All Natural Smooth & Dreamy brand ice cream. A half cup portion is made up of only 110 calories and 3.5 grams of fat. Compare that to Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup that weighs in at a heavy 320 calories and 24 grams of fat per .5 cup serving.

For further tips to cut calories check out this low calorie diet page and follow these healthy eating strategies!