Simple Tips From the Pros – 7 Skinny Secrets

Did you know that there are actually ways to make even the tastiest foods guilt-free? You can cook them and eat them without worrying that they will affect your calorie count or make you weigh more. Below are 7 tips and tricks from pros such as the Food Network’s Chef Juan Carlos Cruz and many more. If you want to lose weight but eat delicious foods, then take note of them!

Tip #1: Roast It! – Roasting your favorite vegetables can make them taste better. This is because the carbohydrates contained in vegetables are caramelized by the heat.

Tip #2: Go Natural with Flavor – Instead of using artificial flavoring or additives, you can boost your food’s flavor the natural way. You can do this by toasting your spices (such as curry powder) before adding them to your dish. Another nifty trick is using aromatic herbs and herb-infused sauces for your meals.

Tip #3: Go Pure with Purees – When you puree your vegetables, you can make delicious, low fat gravy or cream soup. You can even add a potato to simulate cream in your tomato, carrot, or fennel puree.

Tip #4: Do Away with Butter – Using butter in your cooking can give you big amounts of saturated fat and calories. What you can do is mix butter with fruit or vegetable purees, depending on what you are cooking. This lowers the fat and calorie content of the food.

Tip #5: Go for Fruits – Using fruits in your meals would require you to use less sugar as well. Also, some fruits can be used as sauces.

Tip #6: Get a Rack – A rack separates pieces of meat and poultry and keeps it out of its own grease, thus, making sure it’s not part of your meal.

Tip #7: Fry All You Want – But always use cooking spray to do so because it contains as much as three times fewer calories than oil.

Just follow the simple tips and guarantee delicious but healthy meals for you and your family!