Sincerity ? best quality to earn Respect

Hello there,

It’s been really long that I penned down.

Life just rushing through…

Had my classes over weekends for the final exams of MBA – What a relief!!!! Exams in Jan, by Feb I would get my hard earned MBA crown J

This time there are real life corporate Case Studies in the syllabus. Beautifully written!! Its all about the successful corporate firms. If I were to put it in one line. It is kind of an autobiography of the successful multinationals right from their inception, their structures, being on top, changes around, downfall and then again the revival. Beautifully compiled really inspires you.

Fortunately, got a sms from one of my MBA friends that we had some guidance lecture on 28th Nov. I had my fiancé’s best friend’s wedding to attend so was in two minds to attend it or skip it. I asked my fiancé what I should do. He was sweet enough to say no worries your presence is importance not what time you come. Better attend it – might be something important.

And indeed it was extremely important. The Professor who came guided us on how to write the answers to the papers this time. He also said for interested students there would be classes over weekends. I jumped with excitement coz I hate self study and beside I feel MBA is not something you can do from reading a book. It is a professional degree which gives you knowledge and expects you to be smarter and impactful they way to act and carry yourself.

The Professor who taught us this time was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was one person who had charged us the lowest of all fees but at the same time sincerely put in best of efforts for us which no one else did. So much pain he took in giving notes, update on current affairs coz the answers to case studies need to have the current data on companies, their developments, current status, so on and so forth.

We had 6 beautiful sessions where all the case studies were discussed and presented like the way we saw a movie. He also would let us know what the current status on the company is. He gave us so many extra knowledge on current affairs, values in Life, simple things which worked like Magic mantra.

They say a Mother and a good Teacher is equal to 1,000 books. The Professor was indeed an epitome for this saying.

He shared with us his experience and said I took up teaching coz it was my passion. I am paid peanuts compared to the time I was in Reliance or Accenture, but there wasn’t any peace of mind that I enjoyed that time. Now I sleep peacefully and am very happy.

He has a long list of credentials attached to him, works as a Consultants, is an Economist, delivers lectures in reputed Universities like IIM, ICFAI, Wellingkars, Sikkim Manipal and many others. Truly a genius and humble person.

This Sunday was the last lecture. Last even in term of the two year long MBA course. We friends used to always crib about the exams every quarter, difficulty of the content, lot of tension to click the exams, extremely boring and theoretical studies content (in come cases) which made no sense in real world – but its all come to an end. What a beautiful journey when I look back. We were 40 in a class when we start. Today we are just 3 at the final level – some dropped, some took a break, some flunked and lots of other reasons.

I am glad I have made some real good friends and personally I feel definitely the way of thinking, looking at things has drastically changed. (Complete credit goes to the Professors who taught us) They really make the subject interesting by the explanation.

This was the last lecture and Professor was joking around. He asked me to dictate the notes coz I had a loud voice. At the end he said don’t write it yourself, I will mail them to you. I smiled and thanked him. He said what do you work as. I told him my Profile. He asked if you don’t mind can I ask whats your age. I smiled and told him my age. He said good, you have a long way to go and achieve a lot of things in life. He said he felt Account Manager / Relationship Manager was a right profile for me. He sincerely explained the entire profile, pluses, negatives and what can be my career growth which I can aim for. At the end, he said simple funda in life – Do what you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy you can’t succeed. If you have a liking for this profile, try your hand I can bet you will mint money and be hugely successful but if you don’t just forget this long term gyan. We exchanged smiles and I said Sir thank you so much. I shall definitely think about it. No one really took so much pain for the students the way you did. He said my pleasure and we left.

While climbing down, my friends & I were very sad – the excitement, the debates, the grumblings were all over. Suddenly I said – we didn’t give the Professor anything. He taught us with so much sincerity as no other Professor. He also gave us a mock test so we can be confident how to write in exam and fetch marks.

I immediately ran to the store to ask for a Parker pen, only to find that it was available at a 10 min away store. I called one friend and said stay at the door and don’t let the Professor go while I get the Gift. He said good idea. I ran and entered into a shop which was farther than I actually thought. In that store I started yelling on pens and a nice gift, the staff also ran to my demands. I got a beautiful black with golden carving parker pen and fengshui lucky bamboos. I selected and got it packed in exactly 4 minutes (What a funny scene, when I think of it now.)

I actually felt like conquering the world while taking the gift wrapped beautifully. Ran again all the way to the college door where the Professor and my friends were waiting and wondering why was I running all the way.

By the time I could reach them I was completely out of breadth and just signed to the Professor on the gifts. He said What?? Why?? Come on!! This was not needed. I started coughing while my friends said this was just a small token of appreciation for taking such a beautiful session. He said thank you and left and we all were so happy.

In the evening he messaged Thanks very much for the beautiful gifts. I loved them. All the best for your exams. God bless. I smiled and forwarded it to my friends.

I learnt two very important lessons from my Professor –

When you take charge of an assignment, deliver it sincerely to the best of your capability, giving more than the expectations of your target audience.
Continuously rediscovering oneself incase you dream of Success – There are so many good things in life to do – He told us about a globally recognized 6 months course PMP which could be a value add. Unless we keep continuously working on ourselves / updating the knowledge base (not necessary always through a course) how do we desire to get to the next step. Reminds me of a simple yet powerful saying “First Deserve and Then Desire”!!!
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