Sinusitis and Its Homeopathic Management

Ask any sinusitis patient and he will reveal true nature of a severe malady. During an attack of sinusitis, mere look of the patient enables us to reach to a definitive diagnosis. Severe consistent headache over the sinuses, blocked nostrils, heavy head, inability to concentrate on work, inability to sleep, and on and off constitutional symptoms like fever, body ache make the life miserable for these patients.

Individualistic attitude:

However, when you see different people individually, you will observe that each patient’s symptoms differ from the other patient and almost everyone has some unique feature that characterizes him from the rest. For example, we often see some unique patients in the clinic that say their sinusitis and related symptoms are aggravated if they eat more sugars. Some complain that the symptoms are more only from sunrise to midday. Later they cease on their own. This is why homeopathy believes in individualization of patients and different treatment modules for different people.

Permanent cure with homeopathy:

If you observe and do a statistical study, you will find that even the patients who have been advised surgery for deviated nasal septum or nasal polyps do have recurring symptoms of allergies and sinusitis. Thus, these modes of treatment offer relatively temporary relief to these patients. As we know, the sinuses are air-sacs and when they are filled with sputum, one gets an attack of sinusitis. But the allergic reaction by the body to various allergens or exciting factors like excess cold or rains has to be modified by mild yet potent homeopathic remedies. Various bodily tendencies can be modified positively with aptly chosen homeopathic remedies that match the disease symptoms of the patient.

A combination of acute and constitutional medicine works efficiently:

Most patients have a grave myth about homeopathy that it is slow acting. But it is certainly not true and we have seen in our practice that even the strongest of sinusitis attack can be subdued with homeopathic medicines within a very short period of time. Also the constitutional medicines chosen on the basis of physical, mental, and emotional disposition of the patient helps him get cured of sinusitis permanently.

No doubt, homeopathy can be called as one of the all-encompassing mode of therapy for one and all!