Sip Servlet Application Of Sip – Session Initiation Protocol, Sip-communications Industry

The SIP SIP Servlet application Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a by the Internet Engineering Group (IETF) signaling protocol developed for multi-party Multimedia Communication , Such as voice, video, and instant messaging. Currently, IP telephony session establishment and signaling control, mainly through SIP protocol, but, IP phone is one of SIP applications, SIP-based IP network protocol can achieve a variety of multimedia applications.

SIP Servlet SIP Servlet API (JSR 116) is J av a standardization body Java Community Process (reference specification of a Server SIP application and run container terminal open standards-based application program interface (API), SIPServlet is based on the popular J2EE in JavaServlet architecture, Internet application development model to migrate to SIP solutions.

SIP Servlet Application Server SIPServlet is based on the design of components and container structure, in this frame, SIP application is in the application server (ie container) within the run, and the control and management by the application server components. As the container provides the basis for a large number of available functions, application developers need to consider only the upper how business applications, simplifying the application development workflow efficiency.

SIPServlet application server is the core SIP protocol stack. Application server is responsible for receiving and sending SIP messages, SIP dialogue and transaction management to achieve the core SIP semantics. When the server receives a message, call the appropriate SIP server applications, and SIP application server will call to send a message.

Application Server also offers the following services:
1. Management application life cycle: the application life cycle management of all stages, such as configuration, deployment, installation, start, and stop and so on.

2. Management Resources: Responsible for managing public resources such as threads, network transmission, storage, and timer.

3. Security Management: management of multiple security mechanisms, such as network transport layer security and message text security.

4. Effective use: to provide for high-demand conditions such as cluster or failover capabilities to maintain stable and reliable application services.

5. Integrated functions: to support both SIP applications and Web applications can integrate a variety of applications such as Web-based phone. By JavaNaming DirectoryInterface, the server for other applications to provide a single integrated interface.

Select Application Server SIP application server a lot, some application server built on top of SIPServlet norms, and some private agreement or based interface development, developers choose the server, it should in the long term point of view, to avoid for the future barriers to development and interoperability, so choose based on standard protocols and interfaces, servers, help reduce dependence on suppliers, to avoid risks, reduce costs and speed up the development process.

SIP Method Platform is completely based on SI PS ervlet standards developed by the application server, is the micro side AlliedSignal launched to meet market demand for core products, its solid, light and agile, scalable architecture to help enterprises, service providers or Telecommunications Operators to rapidly develop, deploy new IP communications applications. Micro-side AlliedSignal also made Cloth Of a complete application and application server development environment (Application CreationEnvironment), which is based on open source Ecli ps e tool designed for those who use SIPServlet programming developers a friendly interactive interface.

In the fierce market competition, the time is to obtain and maintain market share in the key. Used to develop new SIP Application Server SIP applications that can shorten the product development and release cycle, a standards-based protocol, the evolution of the application server, you can reduce costs, avoid most of the unknown risks. [Key words]: Session Initiation Protocol SIP Comment Large In Small BOLA TANGKAS