Sit N Go Technique-take Down Initial Every single Time

Hundreds of thousands of on the web poker player’s from across the planet play Sit n go’s every day. Whether it is just a single table on the web poker tournament sit n go or a multi-table tournament sit n go, locating the right online poker site and sit n go method is the hardest. Many poker sit n go’s nowadays consist of 9 players at the poker tables and the best three player’s creating the income. Below is the payout structure of a 9 player Sit n go.

1st place = 50% of the total prize pool
2nd spot = 30% of the total prize pool
3rd location = 30% of the total prize pool

Now, in order to get 1st location almost each time you’re going to have to come up with a sit n go approach. My suggestion to you is in the beginning of a sit n go, playing tight is appropriate. On typical, you will be folding the initial 20 poker hands. The blinds will be practically nothing at all and the rule of thumb in the starting stages is just to have patience. Getting patience will lead to about 5 or 6 player’s left about 20 minutes into the Sit n go. There are a lot of poker players referred to as “maniacs” which go all in all the time with out a care in the world. Player’s like this will knock every other out and you will not have to worry about them at the later stages of a sit n go. Maniacs are crazy and it is best to not get into a hand with them unless you have AA, KK, AK at the beginning stages. I would possibly through QQ in there but you nonetheless need to be careful. Any A rag can crack that KK or QQ quick. Now when there is 6 left, you require to switch your game to slightly a lot more aggressive, attempting to take down as significantly poker blinds as feasible to feed your chip stack. As soon as the on-line poker tournament is down to four players it’s time for you to shine. You want to step your game up, play AGGRESSIVE and take down pots. At this stage in the game, practically all players will be attempting to play TIGHT and will fold 95% of their hands. The only time they try to make a move at this point is if they have no option and the blinds are about to eat them up. Here is exactly where you need to capitalize in the sit n go and steal as a lot of blinds as you can. You will be raising fairly frequently with four players left. As soon as that 4th player is knocked out, it really is now time for you to take down first place! Keep in mind, a first location victory is just like 3 3rd location finishes. It is incredibly important to aim for 1st each and every time, instead of considering in your head to just attempt and make it to the funds. So usually keep in mind, the poker chips you steal when there is four players left, will lead you to victory in any sit n go!
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