Six hair styles show you the perfect face

A beautiful hair style is very important as to one’s overall image and class. But which hair style on earth is suitable to us? Let me tell you! The one which can show you the perfect face is the right one for you. Today, I will show you 7 hair styles from which you can use for reference.


Recommendation 1. natural temperament long curly hair

Curly hair’s puff degree has the effect of reducing the outline of the face on the visual. This hair style plays a 3 arc-shape on both sides of the face, just modified the whole face and neck, the effect of reducing face is upgraded. Couple with stylish bangs, this kind of sweet princess hair style is very attractive.


Recommendation 2. long bob hair style

The effect of reducing face’s outline of curled bob hair style is recognized as the leading, is the neat bangs and tail more exceptional? Besides the effect of curl, it also shaped the effect of light, wrapped the chin.


Recommendation 3. feminine boy style short hair

The hair is cut shorter, this kind of hair style is simple and stylish. With the not heavy bangs, it looks very crisp. The neutral style make you have the distinctive womanliness.


Recommendation 4. long egg rolls of young style

The long egg rolls with the full puff degree, the effect of reducing face outline is immediate. Create small rolls starting from the top, not exaggerate like the explosion hair style, looks like vivid instead. With the halved bangs, the whole face looks very small just like the size of a palm.


Recommendation 5. fashionable short curls

Add new elements into the bob hair style to cater to the fashion. The lateral division bangs, and the tail curl to one direction, create curls from the middle of the hair, reduce from the top down, which makes the tail looks full, the puff curls on the two sides brings the sense of playful.


Recommendation 6. attractive long fluffy hair

This kind of hair style creates the feeling of light without the tail’s dry and mop, there are natural and soft arcs on the two sides of the face, which shows the perfect face outline, and bring soft femininity.