Six Pack Abs Workouts That Bring Faster and More Noticeable Results

Do you have what it takes to fight off those mid-section bulges? Are you tired holding onto those love handles at your waist area? Is it too much to see unwanted fat where they’re not supposed to be?
If your answer is a resounding yes, then it’s about time you read about some abs-concentrated work-out you can do everyday. These six pack abs workout not only guarantee fat burning but also muscle definition in order to see the folds in your middle portion. Here are some great workouts specifically for the abs:

1. Bike Crunches
This type of crunches is a great cardiovascular to start off your routine. It pumps up the blood and oxygen in your body, therefore promoting fat burning process to take place. It is very easy to do too.

Just raise your legs and bend your knees close to the chest. Move your legs as if you are riding a stationary bike. You can increase resistance by raising your rear end a little off the ground. Do this in about 16 counts at three sets each day. Increase repetitions and sets as your body adjusts to the routine.

2. Basic Crunches
This is your basic six pack abs workout that targets your upper and middle abs. It’s composed of small, short movements, but guarantees your desired results without straining your back.

All you have to do is raise head a little above the ground and place your hands across your chest. As you lift your head, try to exhale and contract the muscles around your middle area. To try and increase resistance, just do this exercise gradually and in stages. Lift your head a little further on the last stages and slowly and gently rest your head on the ground. This allows the muscles in your abs to work hard as well as ensure the safety of your head and your back. Do ten counts of three sets daily for beginners and increase as you go along.

3. Leg Raises
This abs workout targets the lower abdomen. By performing this exercise, you tighten any loose portions that are the usually hardest to workout.

This is kind of like a reverse crunch. With leg raises, you use your legs instead of your head to pull your body up. So position yourself in a flat surface with your head at rest and your hands either neatly on the side of your body or tucked under your rear end. Lift your legs up making sure that your butt is not touching the floor. Then slowly return to the original position. Do this in ten counts at three sets also.

4. Torso Twists
These are abs workouts that trims the obliques. It is very easy to do. Just twist your upper body so that you are facing the right side. Let your lower body remain in the center. Then do your basic crunch, only this time your body is twisted to the side. Repeat this facing the other direction. Perform this task for at least ten counts with three sets for each side.
Remember to get your cardiovascular workout as well as weight training along with these abs workout to achieve great results.

Superman vs Hulk – The Fight (Part 2)

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This is the second part to my ongoing animation project, a tribute project to Superman and The Incredible Hulk. As you’ll notice, the models and overall look has evolved and will continue to do so in future sequences. I’m already working on a new look for the Hulk on the next one. I got professional help this time in the music and sound design department, provided by the talented Francois Gratecap, which has made the whole project that much better. So my thanks to him.
Disclaimer : This is not affiliated with Marvel or DC and is just my interpretation on how a fight between these two fictional characters could potentially go down. I’m not basing it on any previous materials such as the comics in which they appear. In this, their powers are not infinite as may have been depicted before. Also, I consider this a work in progress experiment, I’m learning animation as I go so this is far from a polished and finished piece. I welcome all comments but please keep that in mind when commenting.

About the project specs : Created on an Intel i7-990X hex core 24 GB RAM, and and i7-920 quad core 12 GB RAM. It took about eight months to do the animation. The models and character puppets have been a work in progress for years prior though.
Autodesk Maya is used for the all 3d modeling, animation, hair and cloth simulation. Z brush is used a bit for additional high detail model sculpting of the characters. Mental Ray is used for rendering. Adobe After Effects is where it’s all composited and sequenced together. I’ve done additional editing and audio track overlays with Sony Vegas. (For questions regarding the sound design and music score creation, contact Francois, his info is below)

During this production, I didn’t always have access to both workstations so that is partly why it took a few months longer than it should’ve to complete. Also I’ve been working full time job while making this, and haven’t had the time I’d like to put into it. I hope to be able to take time off work for the next project and have it finished in the summer some time.

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** Working on PART 3 **

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Visuals and Animation by Michael Habjan, created with Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects, Pixologic ZBrush, Sony Vegas
Music and Sound Design created by Francois Gratecap

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