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If you want to live to be 100 years old, who may find the answer from the Nobel Prize winner. A study showed that the British Nobel laureate in general live longer, the average life expectancy up to 77.2 years, compared with only scientists nominated high average life expectancy of 1.4 years. Recently, according to the United States, “Reader’s Digest” reported in 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine Prize winner??? Elizabeth? Blackburn, Ka Luoer? Greider and Jack? Shostak summed up a few to delay human aging, “the key “long life to help you open the door.

Longevity Golden Key??? Optimistic, life goals

“Who wants to live to 100 health, psychological balance the more than 50%, reasonable diet accounts for 25%, other 25%.” Ministry of Health’s chief health Education Hong Zhaoguang experts told “Life Times” reporter, in which the role of psychological balance over all health measures and Health Products The sum of, who can maintain a psychological balance, is tantamount to grasp the golden key to good health.

Hong Zhaoguang said that a long life in the top three areas of investigation, as well as Shanghai, Beijing longevity of the elderly survey all reached the same inspiration: to fitness first health center. With mental health, to physical health. States longevity region race, climate, food and customs of different, or even contrary, if the elderly addicted Alcohol and tobacco Some hi fat meat elderly, but one thing is foreign are the same, that is longevity are broad minded, optimistic, cheerful, kind-hearted, easy-going. None of the old narrow-minded, rat stomach Intestinal, such people live less than 100 years old.

Several Nobel laureates also emphasized that good state of mind, one should be optimistic. American Women’s Health Study (WHI) survey of 10 million women, optimism in the first 8 years of the study the risk of death 14% smaller than the pessimist. Researchers Hillary? Dr Tyndall said: “Optimism is an important protective umbrella, such people have strong social networks and can handle the pressure well.” Second, a goal. Rush University Medical Center in the United States involving 1,200 elderly people to a new study found that both the lofty goals or short-term objectives such as tourism or study, as long as life has a goal, a greater survival advantage. Study, living with a clear objective and plan for the elderly, the death rate lower than the other half of the elderly.

Second keys??? Adhere to walk, “357”

The world’s leading cardiologists, Dr OZ Columbia School of Medicine, said the best way to stay young is a walk. If you can not walk 5 minutes 1 / 4 mile (400 meters), then the probability of death within 3 years will surge. If possible, try to walk together with their spouses, will help increase the opportunity to speak; with tennis can build intimacy. But this is not the full benefits of exercise. More important is: Life is movement, couples and more activities, the two sides more longevity.

1992, the WHO pointed out that walking is the world’s best sport. Not only can reduce the incidence of diabetes, can reduce high blood lipids, soften to atherosclerosis, makes the brain more clearly, to prevent Alzheimer’s. Well, how walking is the best? Hong Zhaoguang that you can master three words: three, five, seven. “Three” refers to the best walk about 3 km per day, time more than 30 minutes; “5” means the exercise 5 times a week or so, only a regular exercise to be effective; “7” means the intensity of aerobic exercise, “exercise + age = heart rate around 170, “is appropriate. This is equivalent to moderate intensity exercise most people. For example, 50-year-old man, after exercise heart rate reached 120 beats / minute, 50 +120 = 170. If good physical condition, there are sports based, you can more up to 190 percent; body can be less poor, age can increase heart rate around 150. In short, walking to within our capabilities, or will cause anaerobic metabolism, leading to adverse effects or accidents.

Third keys??? More than make up vitamin D, eating pork

A period of 10 years, involving 545,000 Americans study found that eating 4 ounces a day (about 113 g) beef or pork is about people who risk premature death compared with people who eat meat less 30% higher. BOLA TANGKAS