Slimming Down a Chubby Face

Your face is one area you can’t hide with clothing or dress up tricks to give it a thinner appearance.  Your face is out there for the world to see, so it’s understandable that a chubby face can make a person self-conscious about their appearance.

Slimming down a chubby face is absolutely possible.  As a matter of fact, you’ll be slimming down the rest of your body too!  It’s only natural that when you engage in a healthy diet and exercise routine, all parts of your body will benefit, including your face.

Certain elements of your lifestyle are likely making it difficult to lose facial fat and body fat.  Overall healthy lifestyles require good nutrition, hydration, plenty of exercise and lots of rest.  For example, lack of sleep is considered a stress factor, which will in fact, contribute to a person’s inability to lose fat.  

Other factors that contribute to chubby and sagging faces include nicotine products such as cigarettes and cigars.  These products reduce the natural absorption of Vitamin C in your body.  Without Vitamin C, your body can’t create elastin, which is what gives your skin and face their tone.  

Alcohol is another substance full of calories, which should be enough reason to avoid it if you’re trying to lose fat.  However, alcohol also harms the liver, which is needed to break down fats and keep them from overwhelming your body.  

Sometimes your face can look swollen from common allergies.  If you find this is the case, see your doctor for anti-histamines to help reduce the puffiness caused by hayfever or other allergies.  

The best way indeed to slim down your face is by trimming your overall body fat.  A healthy, well balanced diet will include plenty of fruits and vegetables, to give your body the fat burning supplements it needs.  Plus, a good exercise plan will not only increase the calories you burn, but help direct your body to produce more muscle instead of fat.   

Before you know it, you’ll look in the mirror to see a smaller, slimmer face smiling back.