Small Accounting Firms Find A Constant Helpmate: The Pay Per Lead Program

There are two facts that you must know when you are one of the players in the accounting industry. First is that, the accounting sector is a stable community. This is so because laws and regulations across the globe require every business entity to have their financial statements audited by an external auditor – either a sole practitioner or an accounting firm. Furthermore, services such as filing of income tax returns and management consultancy among others are crucial functions needed by every company but can only be done by accounting specialists. However, stable as it is, the competition being experienced in the accounting industry is another thing. Despite the stability of this sector, the tight battle over leads might be the temblor that will put small firms into fall and demise.

The truth is that small and new players in the accounting industry are equipped with experts who are licensed to provide what clients ask for, be it financial reporting or accounting services. This, however, is coupled with a sad truth. Though they might be unparalleled in the field where they reign as gurus, every company requires proficient talent in sales and marketing to have a steady flow of business into the organization. Clients will very rarely knock on your door and set-up an appointment no matter how much they are seeking for accounting assistance. If and when they decide that an accounting specialist is needed immediately, the first names that pop up in their minds are the accounting giants. You may have been waiting for the golden apple to drop without knowing that it has already been picked up by an opponent.

In this case, it is a must to seek the aid of a third party lead provider, a marketing expert that will provide the sales leads on a silver platter. Why? For reasons such as being unable to do two crucial tasks at the same time. Being an expert in accounting services does not mean that your business can also tackle marketing and lead generation tasks. Another thing is that you may lack two of the most important resources – which are time and manpower, to successfully obtain the leads that you need. It will only be a liability on your part to shoulder the burden of generating leads when experts can do the job easily.

Among the myriad choices available at the moment, buying leads on a pay per lead scheme proves to be one of the most cost-effective and useful. What is it and how does it work? Pay per lead is a new addition to the arsenal of telemarketing vehicles. Through this, a buyer of leads pays per pre-qualified sales lead. The lead provider produces the leads by setting appointments with your target audience.

For you and other accounting firms, pay per lead is the most appropriate to have. Why is this so? First, you may not really need too many sales leads. Auditing and other accounting services take a lot of time to finish. Thus, it would be imprudent to have thirty leads when your sales people can just handle fifteen. Second, you get fresh and guaranteed sales leads based on your targeting criteria. Third, the appointment done by a professional appointment setter warrants a high probability of closing a deal.

In choosing the right lead provider, make sure that the services include a custom-made call script, guaranteed pre-qualified appointments, detailed notes on each appointment and real time access to leads through PipelineCRM.

Through a pay per lead program, your rivals will never get the chance to knock you down in the lead generation game. You will hurdle the competition and will open the door to stability and growth that your company is aiming.