Small Conference Phones For Small Office Space

The advantages of installing conference phones are obvious to anyone who has spent three hours in a traffic jam and ended up missing the meeting they were scheduled to attend; a meeting that might have increased profitability and earned new clients.

Conference phones can connect several parties at a time and even combine video conferencing. The benefits are that travel time and costs are cut enormously and allows participants the freedom to utilize time more effectively. Conference time is cut down to a minimum and profitability increases as a result.

Conference phones vary in performance, starting with a phone that will allow a two way conversation to facilities that incorporate multiple callers with eight or so lines. Such facilities will also include memory storage that retains around 30 numbers.

Once upon a time, secretaries and PA’s struggled with complicated itineraries to task manage half a dozen executives and co-ordinate a timely arrival in the right boardroom on the right day at the right time to attend a conference that could so easily have taken place in relative comfort in their own offices. The organizational skills required to stage such conferences were considerable and all too often, the entire production would go off the rails because one or more of the participants missed a plane or a train and failed to show on time. Now, all of that time need not be expended with the facility of conference call phones.

Although initial experiences with conference calling can be daunting for first -timers, few executives agree to attend conferences in person once they have understood the economies of phone conferencing. The main consideration is of course travel to and fro a meeting but the related costs may also be saved: expense claims for travel; secretarial services; hospitality for visiting executives; fares and hotels.

Conference phone may be used in a variety of ways. Sometimes, half a dozen managers will be able to attend a meeting and only one or two will require the services of a conference phone facility, in which case the meeting can still be conducted comfortably as speech is delivered through speakers and sound reproduction is remarkable. Unlike the standard speakerphone, conference phones allow participants’ voices to overlap, which encourages the flow of conversation and feels less like a remote gateway.

When considering purchasing a conference phone, look for sound quality and compatibility with existing equipment. Bear in mind that your conferencing needs might expand and purchase with that growth in mind. It is always a good idea to request a trial conference in the company meeting room before agreeing to purchase a conference phone system.