Smoke Damage and Hard Drive Recovery

Smoke particles are the microscopic particles that have high tendency to float in air for a long time. Some of these particles are even smaller than the width of human hair, but they can cause serious damage to mechanical and electronic hard drive internals.  Opting for Data Recovery services can recover lost data from such failed hard drives. In the absence of an up-to-date and valid backup, such services can recover almost all data from the physically failed storage media as hard drives.
Smoke particles can affect hard disk in following ways:
1- Head Crash: The read/write head moves at negligible height (typically 3 to 7 nanometers) above rapidly rotating platters. A hard disk consists of one or more platters which is/are mounted over a motor attached shaft. Each platter surface has a designated head. Since these platters rotate at high speed, a particulate can make the data inaccessible. It may settle down over these surfaces. As a result of this, when read/write head moves over such settled particles, it may get stuck there.
2- Motor damage: Smoke particles can also crash the motor. If these particulates enter the motor, they can cause physical hard drive failure by malfunctioning the motor.
3- Electronic failure: Smoke like particulates can cause short-circuits. They can also corrode internal material as they have high affinity to react with metal and plastic.
In order to prevent particulate entrance, hard drives come with an air filter. But since smoke particles are quite small in diameter, air filters can hardly keep away most of them. However, if your hard drive crashes because of smoke particles ingress, it is strongly recommended to remove the hard drive and send it for Hard Drive Recovery.
If you continue working with such failed hard drives, it may cause permanent physical failure with no probability of recovery (as due to physical breakdown of drive platters).
The data recovery software is technical assistance that deals with component level procedures after physical failure of storage media. It is provided by experienced recovery professionals to extract lost data from physically failed hard drives. The recovery experts scrutinize the affected storage media for the cause of failure and repair or replace the failed parts to make it accessible. Then they create drive images and start the totally non-destructive recovery routine of safely recovering lost data from these images. The recovery service is carried out under safe and controlled lab environment of Clean Rooms to open and operate on failed hard drive internals.
Stellar Information Systems Limited offers the most trustworthy Data Recovery service through state-of-the-art Class-100 Clean Rooms. Stellar’s experts efficiently extract the lost data incorporating unique H.D Recovery tools and techniques. The recovery service is available for Server, RAID, NAS and SAN hard drives as SCSI, SATA, EIDE and IDE.