Snowjoggers- a revolution in footwear

Snowjoggers are the latest rage when it comes to functional shoes. They are an amazing invention which took the fashion industry by storm when they first arrived. Snowjoggers were invented by a man called Braun Ottosen Eik. A resident of Greenland, Eik was intent on creating a new style of shoes which would be perfect for the harsh cold weather of Greenland. At the same time, he wanted the shoe to be trendy enough so that people of all ages could relate to it. The legend has it that once he had the basic design of these shoes in mind, he collected all the money that he had saved so far and went to China. There he convinced shoemakers to make these shoes for him and succeeded. When he came back to Greenland with these shoes, the local stores refused to sell them. They were not convinced that they would sell and they decided to stock them only when Eik assured them that he will take back all the shoes in case they didn’t sell. Surprisingly for everyone, the shoes sold like hot cakes and Eik did not have to look back. What worked in his favor was the unique concept of these shoes. It was the first time someone came up with the idea of combining jogging shoes with shoes that one could wear while walking in the snow. The people of Greenland who always had to battle a harsh climate were amazed by the functionality of these shoes which not only kept the feet warm but also made it a joy to walk around in the snow without worrying about the snow harming to their feet.

Snowjoggers are truly an amazing invention. They are in the shape of boots and the sole is the kind that is used in sports shoes. The upper part is in the shape of a boot but is heavily padded to keep the cold away. This ensures that there is no way for the cold to enter the feet. One can classify it as an amalgamation of winter boots and trendy sneakers. Over the years these shoes have become so popular that even celebrities have started wearing them. This further fuelled the demand for these shoes in all those countries that experience harsh winters. The popularity of these shoes can be gauged by the fact that they have eclipsed many well-known brands ever since they arrived. It is so wonderful to know how one man’s vision and perseverance can totally revolutionize the shoe-making business.

If you still don’t own these wonderful shoes, it is time you buy a pair. You can rely on the experiences of thousands of people who bought these shoes and are immensely satisfied by them.