Soccer And Baseball Trophies

If any team have contributed in any soccer event than that tem do gets the soccer trophy as soccer trophies uses to be presented to each and every team performed in any event. These trophies use to be presented in very professional way and generally by the legends of the soccer as it use to represent the iconic contribution of teams to the game of soccer. In generally there uses to be the name of the team printed on the trophy but sometimes the date of event also uses to be printed. The soccer trophies of FIFA world cup are known to be as most respectable and prestigious trophy of all time and it uses to be awarded to the team winning the FIFA world cup. The first ever World Cup trophy was won by Uruguay and 1930.

Abel Lafleur designed the first ever soccer trophy of FIFA World Cup in 1946 and named it after the name of the founder of the world cup Jules Rimet Cup. Abel Lafleur is a French sculptor and has been the fan of soccer from long time. As FIFA Trophy must be different from all other soccer trophies, he designed a new soccer trophy with the combination of gold and elegant stones. Goddess of victory holding the cup of octagon shape was designed on this highly respected trophy. The designed changed in 1970 and new trophy was designed by Silvio Gazzaniga, who was an Italian artist. It was known to be as the one of the finest designed soccer trophy from all of the soccer trophies designed till that time. From past to present, soccer trophies have been greatest rewards to the soccer teams and it will remain forever.

Unlike soccer, baseball teams uses to give the baseball awards to their teammates, coaches and all other members related to the team. They use gather the names of al of their players and coaches and other members and then they uses to decide that what they want to write on the baseball award, which uses to include the team name generally. After all this they use to divide baseball award by categories and use decide that if they are going to any special baseball award to someone to they are going to same baseball award to everyone. Then they use to deice the shape of the trophy and how much they can spend in the designing of the trophy. Generally they uses to make the man or women body shape on the award/trophy but they dont want to do so then they uses to opt for the Tro Action Figure to be printed on award. Other special awards also uses to be put under consideration and some of them uses to be team pins, dog tags, fine crystal awards or baseball medals. The players uses to keep these award with themselves for whole of their life as they uses to know the importance of these awards in their lives, even other members of team use to do the same.