Social Bookmarking As A Link Building Process

There are many ways to link building these days. With the announcement of web 2.0, people are finding a world of possibility to build links using sites within the web 2.0 platforms. Social bookmarking is one of the techniques which is so straightforward to take advantage of that no link building plan can be deemed as complete without the use of it.

How many social bookmarking directories are out there as of this date is beyond anyone’s guess. Tens of 1000’s of bookmarking sites are out there, if not more, where you can bookmark your web site to achieve backlinks. Not to mention the free traffic you get from those bookmarking directories.

Some of those bookmarking directories are authority directories meaning they managed to establish certain authority with Google which gives you better link juice. Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Mixx, StumbleUpon, are few of the top ones that you can utilize.

Some of those high authority social bookmarking directories will be nofollow meaning Google will not follow the links found on those sites. Do not get to taken by the term nofollow as no one can truly tell whether Google and other search engines will essentially follow them or not regardless of their nofollow attribute. Google Webmaster Tool seems to show links state nofollow directories so they definitely worth going after. Besides, if the respective social bookmarking website is high traffic site/blog, then by all means bookmark your website there.

These social bookmarking sites are public and anyone can view the links that are bookmarked on them that is certainly actually great. That also means that search engines also can discover and follow the links to your web site passing you the link juice.

So if you still haven’t offer the social bookmarking sites a try for your link building needs, you know you are missing out a world of chance.