Social Media Marketing for Chiropractors 101

The phrase “social media for chiropractors” might sound silly to doctors who’ve never incorporated it into their lives and practices. FaceBook started recently and has already become a major phenomenon around the world helping to make businesses more profitable. If you live in a household with a computer, someone in your home is probably a member of FaceBook.

Twitter caused a chuckle when it took off, but no one’s laughing about it now. There is so much communication being aired through free services that connect so many people that it demanded to be commercialized. What ad man would be ignorant of the fact that a bit of info, prepared correctly, is like lighting a brush fire?

Social media for chiropractors is one of the best marketing tactics going if it can be harnessed in a way that puts the provider in a good light. Social networking can be both positive and negative, which is a danger inherent to any type of publicity. With the concept of social media comes the tricky part of innuendo, opinion, and false information.

You can imagine how Russell Crowe felt when he found out that the social media had pronounced him dead as the result of an accident while making a film. It was a little difficult for him to come back to life after that, because a lie is considered the truth if enough people believe it.

If you don’t utilize social media for chiropractors, you can begin by starting a personal presence first. If you feel comfortable with how it works, you can begin to attract people to your business. You can start with Twitter or FaceBook, and then try out some other available social network sites.

A real key to participating successfully with social media is keeping things brief. With Twitter, you don’t have a lot of info that can be placed in each message anyway. On FaceBook, people will not be interested in long drawn out lectures or sales pitches. It is much better to have amusing stories or quips, but you can drop a serious note as well.

Remember that social media is viewed primarily as entertainment and a place where good information can find you. You can get away with short commercials as long as there is interesting content that goes along with them.

Facebook Anthem

I’m getting bored of facebook!
Funny anti-Application song.