Social Media Money System – Can You Actually Make Money on Twitter?

Everyone always asks if it is possible to make money on Twitter and Facebook and Perry Belcher and Ryan Deiss are going to show you how.

The pair have teamed up and developed “The Social Media Money System” Their system is designed to show those in making money online a way to do so utilizing Web 2.0 properties like Twitter and Facebook. You know I have a couple thousand followers myself and I have been wondering the same thing.

For the most part I have been using Twitter and Facebook to build my list of POTENTIAL prospects. A system that actually helps monetize my list of followers would be of great interest.

I’m not all that interested in chatting and socializing online. I’ve got my friends and family. At this point in my business career I need a product that will help me increase revenues. If you’re fine with the socializing then this may not be for you. This product is about conversions and profit.

We interviewed Ryan on our radio show and here’s what he outlined to us. Deiss said that they have made over $ 100,000.00 in the developmental stage of the product and it’s at the point where it’s time to bring it to market.

So before I could write about the Social Media Money System or endorse it, I was afforded an opportunity to take it for a test drive. All I can say is metaphorically speaking, it’s a Ferrari.

So what makes this product so special…I mean we all have seen the slew of social media products that have been released as Web 2.0 properties like Twitter have exploded in popularity. You know, some of these products have been good while others not so much.

The reason most of these programs fall short of the mark is because they have one common problem. They don’t really show you a clear and viable strategy to actually monetize social media.

Here’s just a sample of what you will find in this course:

Learn how Perry and Ryan grew their social profile to over 130,000+ followers in only nine months
They are going to show you (and I have also enjoyed) how to average as much as $ 1 per follower .. PER MONTH!
They are going to give you an EASY 8 Step Plan that walks you step-by-step through the entire Social Media Money System.

The directions are so complete and comprehensive that anyone with any level of Internet marketing experience can achieve similar results.

If there’s one thing that you may find as a drawback it’s the price. It’s not cheap. But if you are actually looking to improve your business then you may want to realize that you are in business and that you need to stay ahead of your competition.

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Facebook Basics Tutorial for Beginners & Seniors
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