Social Media: The New Buzz Word For Your Business

How many of us wake up every morning and check the updates of our friends and loved ones on Facebook or Twitter? More than half of us are clearly on the social media bandwagon, so what is it about social media that has everyone making a beeline for it everyday? Apart from being a very interesting mechanism for announcing to the world what you are going, it is a very innovative tool that most business enterprises may ignore to their own detriment. Social media is undoubtedly the one avenue that offers enterprises ways and means of tapping into unbeatable opportunities to drive brand awareness and also enhance customer and prospect interaction at all levels.

Benefits of Social Media for Your Business

From deeper audience engagement to increased visibility, the advantages that social media offers business enterprises are immense. Here are a few benefits that can actually make a huge difference for your business:

a) Augmenting your business rank among search engines

b) Driving online traffic from various social bookmarking websites towards your enterprises website

c) Improving interaction with your prospects

d) Using word of mouth publicity for your new products thus encouraging better innovations

e) Enhanced exposure for maximized sales owing to greater awareness of your products and services

f) Better opportunities for developing relationships with potential business partners with bare minimum efforts

g) Lower costs compared to other cost intensive advertising efforts

How to Leverage Social Media for Better Business

The accurate application and implementation of social media solutions is of great importance. Hence to ensure ROI from social media initiatives, enterprises should engage the best solutions that offer complete social media integration. The solution should:

a) Be flexible and scalable

b) Manage content, publish content and monitor social media channels

c) Align social media tools per the enterprises goals and objectives

d) Be able to link social analytics effectively with the enterprises customer relationship initiatives

e) Offer optimized support for content development

f) Be able to offer services for ways to enhance community building

g) Maintain and manage social media technology operations effectively for the enterprise

Apart from the above mentioned benefits, there are social media solutions that offer methods to analyze data about how many prospects have been influenced by the enterprises social media initiatives. These methods can also identify the actual effect of the social media initiatives on the enterprises brand and reputation. It is therefore time for all enterprises to make maximum use of the social media boom to their own advantage. BOLA TANGKAS

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