Soft Capsule Into New Domestic And International Pharmaceutical Packaging Trends

Of the most popular soft capsules Health food , About 2,000 varieties, imported from China each year more than 200 million U.S. dollars of soft capsules. At the same time, domestic production scale is gradually expanding. While many health food a long time to domestic Oral Form, but in recent years as a rising star health food soft capsules, the advantage is its irreplaceable family health food has gradually become the “boss.” New trends in packaging soft capsule.

Popular package is based on the international market mainly soft capsules, both portable and sanitary. China’s current packaging used, there are many capsules, but in terms of quality, appearance or packaging, and there is a gap between the international markets. Especially in terms of visual impact can not cause people’s desire or appetite. Advertisement Publicity is often limited to the text length and an exaggerated repeat the main ad on. With the new soft capsule production technology, Health Products Packing bound in terms of materials, Color , Shape and so greatly changed, and thus added a weight to the international market.

– The advantages of soft capsules

Present, the international market in this packaging in the form of Drugs And Cosmetic (Such as the essence) many different types, it has some special advantages.

Appearance of the product form of new, attractive. This granular capsule packaging of drugs, the taste is good, easy to swallow, to prevent counterfeiting. Appearance of various shapes, rich colors, very attractive, very attractive to consumers and novelty. For cosmetics, the different shapes can also express different topics, can be a gift to friends, loved ones of friendship, love and blessings of unique gifts.

Products in use does not appear secondary pollution. Capsules, such as skin and eye drugs or cosmetics, packaging fine small, its content is designed to be a net amount, so that each time consumers use a capsule, do not re-use, thus avoiding the use of the product may occur during secondary pollution, ensure that each use of the products consumers are clean.

Carry safety, ease of use. Packaging features of such products, so that people go out separately according to the amount carried possible; In addition, the packaging is not easy broken, bring very safe; in the home is suitable for everyday use, while the consumer is more suitable for people on vacation, Travel And the use of field work.

– Preparation of soft capsule products

In the production of cosmetics, soft capsule, the capsule is used to suppress device encapsulated in the capsule contents in the prepared skin capsule, strictly speaking, capsule capsule skin preparation should include the preparation and content of the material prepared two parts. Capsule mostly cosmetic polymer encapsulation materials of organic matter, commonly used are gelatin, gum arabic, agar and other natural products, and polypropylene, Polyethylene Alcohol, polyvinylpyrrolidone and other synthetic polymers. At present, domestic and foreign capsule products most widely used is a compound of gelatin, it General Made such as stewed pig. Gelatin as the capsule material is characterized by skin safe (mostly food-grade products), low cost, easy to process biodegradable fast, easily soluble in water, such materials do not cause pollution and harm to the environment. But the downside is usually some gelatin with some smell, this smell would not clean easily into the envelope to the following products. Therefore, the gelatin in the need for pre-refining treatment before use to off odor. Capsule skin formula, in addition to adding a certain percentage of moisture, but also adding a certain amount of polyol as a humectant, to confer and maintain the capsule skin softness, to prevent the capsule hardening. BOLA TANGKAS