Some Foods And Tips Can Help Us Improve Memory

Whether the elderly, children or young adults, everyone wants to have extraordinary memory. Generally speaking, memory has a close relationship with congenital factors. However, some new research and health preservation methods provide the possibility for improving memory. Then let us what are those methods.

Some researchers in UK have found that rolling eyes can improve our memory effectively. If you want to quickly recall something, what you need is to roll your eyes for thirty seconds, and this would produce a good effect. The researchers believe that the rotation of eyes in the horizon can allow the hemispheres of brain communicate with each other, and the rotation of eyes also plays an important role in the re-evoking the memory of people. What’s more, the researchers have also found that the rotation of our eyes around can increase the association between the left and right brain, and this is the key point to improve our memory.

Researchers in University of Michigan in USA have found that breathing the fresh air outdoors and walking outdoors also can improve our memory. The study shows at that the memory of those people who like walking outdoors has improved twenty percent in a short time. The researchers believe that the noise and entertainment in city has a simulative function to people, and thus will affect people’s memory and attention. And only nature can make people quiet and relaxed, make our attention focused.

Besides, a research has shown that eating blueberry that rich in anthocyanins can help the elderly to improve memory. The researchers have done a research for twelve weeks to 70people. They divided these people into two groups, one group of people was asked to drink blueberry juice every day, and the other were asked to placebo beverage. At the end of the research, the memory of the elderly who drink blueberry juice has improved significantly. Therefore, the elderly who want to improve memory can take blueberry juice.

A good breakfast also has important role in improving memory. A research has shown that people who have the habit to eat breakfast has make good scores in their study and work.

What’s more, chatting is also a good way to improve memory. Some people may feel unbelievable. Sure, it does have the function to improve memory. A new research has done shows that chatting with other people can train our brain, and thus help to enhance our memory.

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