Some Important Facts About R4ds

Basically, the R4DS is the Nintendo DS storage device. Officially named as the Revolution for DS, this device is largely used to store the homebrew video games that are manufactured by the amateurs. Sometimes, they are also used to store the downloaded commercial games. The older DS models from Nintendo did not have any permanent memory capabilities. This is why the R4DS comes in handy. This card has a rich and colourful history that makes it very interesting for those who are interested in its origin.

Originally, the DS memory cards were manufactured only for the use of the game developers. These cards were designed to be used as the store versions of the games that are in the process of being made. However, there was one shortcoming of this device – it does not have any permanent memory function. Therefore, it was lagging behind in the face of tough competition from Sony Play station Portable. Therefore, different companies started coming up with the memory cards that are compatible with the DS.

Obviously, the technological improvements have made this card better over the years. Originally, the card did not have much capability to store data. In fact, they have less memory capacity than the actual R4DS. What’s more, these cards were inserted in the Game Boy Advance slot or the Slot 2. This restricted their functioning even further. However, the r4 belongs to the second generation of the DS memory cards.

One good thing with these cards is that they can be used in the regular game slot of the DS, that is the Slot 1. This enables them to use the entire range of the capabilities of the DS. At the present stage, as many as 20 different brands are available that manufacture the DS memory cards. However, the R4DS has remained right at the top of the table.