Some Must Visit Historical and Religious Sites in India

India is widely renowned for its opulent and interesting history. If you too wish to explore, the destinations mentioned in the article may top your list. Have a look!

India has a long and rich history, exploring that is an experience to thrill and joy. The country has seen many glorious realms over the centuries, and remnants of them are still visible here. It has some captivating architectures blended with astounding tales of the past. For those of you interested in history & cultures, these places are must to go.

Check, below are some popular historical sites in India.

Ajanta Alora Caves: in Indian state of Maharastra are these astounding historical treasures, which are no less spell binding due to their architectural brilliance and historical grace. There are 34 caves at Allora, carved and designed amazingly. At Ajanta, they are 29 dating back to between the 2nd and 6th century. These caves are situated in the northern part of Maharashtra and can easily be reached by trains, roads and planes. The most astounding fact about these caves is that they are carved and crafted by hands, using only hammer and Chisel.

Khajuraho Temple: these age-old temples are located in northern Madhya Pradesh and are among the most visited temples in India by foreign tourists. Dedicated to sex and Kama Sutra, these sandstone temples are really unique with meticulously detailed carvings. They are famous for their awesome erotic sculptures. Apart from that, the temples provide the visitors a brief of Hindu rituals and Tantrik practices. Not too far away from the temples is the Panna National Park, a place to enjoy rich wildlife legacy. These temples open up from early sunrise and close just before sunset.

Taj Mahal: It would be a sin not to give the Taj Mahal a mention, when historical places in India are talked about. Situated on the bank of River Yamuna in Agra (U.P.), this glorious monument is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Made of precious white marble, this place is amazingly designed with a mix of Indian and Arabian style of architecture. The main structure is built on a rectangular platform and is surrounded by four towering minarets at each corner, the beautiful River Yamuna provide it a soothing background. In close proximity of Taj Mahal is the Agra Fort, one of the most notable structures of Mughals in India.

Tirupati Temple: one of the richest shrines on this earth is Tirupati temple in Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Artistically designed, this temple is situated on the seventh peak of Tirumala and is must-visit place to experience rich Hindu cultures and spiritualism. It is dedicated to lord Venkateswara, who is known as Tirupati Balaji. Tirupati Darshan is considered highly sacred among Hindus and is something that allures Hindu devotees in hordes. Like the Himalayan pilgrimages such as Amarnath Yatra and Chardham Yatra, Tirupati darshan is also quite popular among Hindus.

Apart from that, Red Fort, Qutub Minar and Lotus temple in Delhi, holy cities of Haridwar and Varanasi and royal cities of Jaipur and Udaipur are some other must-visit locations for history- & culture enthusiasts.