Some Pricey Home Water Filters Like Multi-Pure May Be Worth It

All water filter systems are not made the same. Water filter technologies may be similar in different brands but some are more expensive than others. Some filtration devices are sold cheap and some are sold at really exorbitant prices, yet, these highly priced home treatment systems may be less effective than the cheaper ones.

Home water treatment systems come as countertop, undersink, faucet mount, pitcher/carafe, or whole house water filter. Which of these systems you choose to improve your drinking water quality will depend on your family needs. A family of four in a house may decide to buy a whole house or an undersink filter because it’s the most affordable, convenient and offer more cost-savings than drinking bottled water regularly. At the same time, an apartment renter may have to settle for a faucet mount or a pitcher filter because his/her lease or renter agreement does not allow the use of any plumbed-in water filters like undersink and whole house systems.

There are quite a number of water filter brands on the market. Some are certified by the National Sanitation Foundations (NSF) International, and some are not. I guess, if a water filter company has nothing to hide, it should submit to the NSF testing and certification. The NSF-certified filters offer the best option for a consumer that want to make sure the filter they are buying has been independently tested to confirm the manufacturers claim of contaminant reductions. In some cases, these filters may be costlier than the non-certified ones.

Multi-Pure water filter systems are among the best NSF-certified filters on the market today. In fact, their long history in the water filter business has made this company the leader in water filtration systems. Most of their treatment units continually go through the rigorous annual NSF testing and certification which to confirm that the Multi-Pure’s claim of contaminant reductions are verified to be true.

So, when you look at Multi-Pure’s prices and compare with brands like Brita or PUR, you may immediately think Multi-Pure is too expensive. But when you carefully compare the cost of replacement filters over a couple of years, and the expected discount you may receive if you buy through one of their Independent Distributors, you will discover there will be more savings with Multi-Pure filters than any other systems. Their very famous and attractive 90-day money back guarantee plus the lifetime warranty on the filter covers are definitely more reasons the Multi-Pure water filters are worth their prices.

Therefore, the cost of a Multi-Pure water filter system may be higher initially but the overall cost over several years makes the seemingly pricey treatment systems perhaps the best choice on the market and the best cost-saving home treatment device you can buy.

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