Some Resveratrol Sources and How They Benefit Your Health

Resveratrol has been in the news a lot lately. One of the popular resveratrol sources is red wine because it is made from the skin of the red grape, which is abundant in this antioxidant.

You may have seen the headlines – Red Wine Is Good For You – or Red Wine and Resveratrol Is Good For Your Heart, and others along the same line.

Other resveratrol sources that haven’t made as many headlines are peanuts, mulberries, Japanese Knotweed, grape juice, strawberries (especially the seeds), cranberries, and blueberries. You can also find it in other plants including, but not limited to lilies, spruce and eucalyptus.

Benefits of this amazing substance include:

Lowers cholesterol, which helps heart disease
Reduces wrinkles for younger looking skin
Improves diabetics blood sugar levels
Eases arthritic pain by eliminating inflammation
Raises athletic performance and endurance
Kills free radicals to win the war against cancer
Lowers the incidence of Alzheimer’s complications
Supports weight loss by revving up metabolism
Increases sex drive

You can also find many supplements with resveratrol. It’s advertised all over the place, since there are so many health benefits. It’s been talked about on 60 Minutes, Rachael Ray, Oprah and the Dr. Oz Show.

With the supplements you know how much you are getting, so there is no guessing if you are getting enough for the health benefits you needs

The one I take also has vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, CoQ10, health giving herbs, like alfalfa, ginko biloba extract, and other important nutrients. I like the idea of taking just one supplement that contains what I need. First because it is more economical than taking them all separate, second I only have one thing to order and store in my cupboard, and third, I know they will all work together safely.

Now that you know some resveratrol sources and the amazing health benefits, you might want to consider taking it some form. Check out my web site listed below to find out more about the supplement I take that contains this great product.