Some Simple Ways to Help Your Face Skin Healthy

It is a common concern about what we have to do to make our face skin healthy. If you think about it, eventually you may work out that it is just the matter of taking careof your self by getting good nutrition, having enough sleep and using age defying skin care products


It doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does take a little preparation sometimes.


1) It’s important to get enough rest or your skin will look dull and pale and tired. Over time, you’ll develop dark undereye circles that can be tough to get rid of without the right ingredients.


2) Protect yourself from the sun. If you’ve ever had a sunburn you know that tight and itchy feeling your skin can have as it recovers? That’s one way your skin tells you it’s been damaged and you may see the results later in your life as overly dry and wrinkled skin.


3) Stay hydrated. It’s crucial to the health of your skin to drink enough water so your body stays hydrated and you flush out the impurities.


4) Eat well. Eat enough antioxidants (berries, tomatoes, spinach) so you’re fighting free radicals that break down your skin cells and cause premature wrinkling and sagging skin.


5) Use skincare products that have ingredients to repair your cell damage and reverse signs of aging. Natural ingredients can increase your collagen and elastin cells. These cells are important proteins that help your skin maintain its shape and firmness.


Caveat: Don’t buy products that advertise they have collagen in them. It doesn’t work. Studies show collagen can’t be absorbed by your skin and be put to work by your body.


But, an ingredient like Active Manuka Honey or Cynergy TK can sink deep into your body to stimulate those skin cells. In fact, volunteers using Cynergy TK have noticed a 42% increase in their skin moisture retention as well as a 14% increase in their skincare elasticity-all just in the first 18 days of use!


Active Manuka Honey is proven to boost your collagen and elastin cells renewal and to smooth and firm your skin! Plus, it’s a potent antioxidant.


As you can see, there are a number of ways to make your face skin healthy. It essentially boils down to making healthy lifestyle choices and choosing top skincare products to reverse wrinkles and sagging skin.


If you’re interested in more of how these ingredients can make your face skin healthy, please visit my website where I share about the products I personally recommend.