Some Small Ideas About Protecting The Environment

With the high level of development of technology today, our lives have become more and more comfortable. With the help of the environment, we can enjoy our life better. We live in an earth. The earth provides a powerful space for our survival.

On holiday, we can go to the countryside to breathing fresh air. Travelling is also a good choice for us to relax. We can go to visit in various areas of the world. Going out find a place to play is the best way for us to relax our brain and body. Thanks to the environment, the earth gives us a beautiful world.

Now more and more people like to pursue the quality of life. For example, wearing beautiful clothes, eating delicious food and playing with modern toys are the way for us to choose. Most of us think that we human beings are the cleverest of all the animals around the world. There is no doubt that we are wise. We have created a large number of successful things. We have changed the face of earth and made the world become more beautiful. On the other hand, we are also destroying the environment and bringing death to many kinds of animal. Now, we all know that we must protect our environment. We have only one earth. We can’t live in another place. There is a saying good, one world and one dream. Our environment is becoming bad now. If we still destroy our environment, we cant survival on the earth.

We should try our best to protect the environment. For example, plant more trees and flowers; dont waste paper and plastic bags and so on. Protecting the Environment is our duty and obligation. Its time for us to do something to save dolphins, animals, and human beings. Lets join our hands together to make the world better! If we pay more attention on the environment, our world will become beautiful.