Sometimes The News Needs A Comment!

There is so much going on in the world today that each deserves a little comment. One can only hope that the U.S. follows the lead of England and Germany with respect to addressing the issues of global climate change. Our leaders must recognize that just trying not to increase pollution levels is going to lead to disaster. We must reduce CO2 emissions and do it now-not ten years from now. Technologies exist to solve a big share of the problem and we need to tax the record profits of oil companies to put those technologies into the marketplace. If there are any higher costs let them be absorbed by those who created the problem in the first place.
Japan, leave those whales alone. I am sorry that your ship caught fire but what goes around comes around. There is no reason to continue whaling-it’s not like you need the food. Times have changed and you need to change with it.

North Korea may have bribed us but in the end, it is worth the money. Who wants nuclear weapons in the hands of a bunch of crazies? If they abide by the agreement this will be a good thing. By the way, kudos to China and not President Bush are called for regarding this agreement on dismantling their nuclear reactor.
Episcopal Church officials are in a tizzy in Tanzania. I have no problem if a religious sect bites the dust since they are the cause of so much strife among peoples of the world. When will organized religions realize that they are a divisive force for humanity?

What’s with the Orthodox Jews in Israel? Trying to force women to sit at the back of the bus and to dress according to their dictates sounds like the Taliban and civil rights revisited. People who use religion to suppress others are another example of why the world needs a new spirituality that is based on discussion and the exchange of ideas and not dogma. How long must the world endure the insanity imposed by organized religions and the associated violence and abuse that they foster?

President Bush says that he will not talk to Iran. Aren’t things bad enough in the Middle East without the U.S. President refusing dialogue? While Iran is finally beginning to make overtures it would seem to be in our national interest to hear what they have to say. With things appear t be cooling off in North Korea and Iraq in a mess, I guess it is difficult to have an “axis of evil” with just one country being the demon. Hey wait; we could always add Venezuela to the list. They will have to find out the hard way that nationalization is not the panacea to social ills.
Why do we need an anti-missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic? Are we just trying to aggravate the Russians and stir up a new cold war? Who do we plan to defend against-Austria? It seems that the Bush White House is trying to stir every pot imaginable with its so called foreign policy. If the White House is looking for a legacy, let it not be death and destruction and global climate disaster.