Sony Ericsson Aino U10i mobile phone

Sony Ericsson Aino U10i is one of the best handset for its user. It gives attractive features to its user. It has multimedia fire power PS-3 inspired touch menu. It has very nice three inch touch screen and VGA 30fps video recording. Wi-Fi system and GPS also attracts it user to use it. The remote play features help user access media content from the play station3 from their phone. You will use it in the SIM free mobile phone. You can access in it anywhere and anytime. It can be done by local network and between play station3 and Aino in your home by internet. The Sony Ericsson Aino U10i will help you enjoy the internet TV. Via play station3 you can enjoy many internet TV channels. It has super nice clear camera, which will help you capture lovely pictures from your happy moment. You can take video by this handset. Along with camera and video you will get 16x zoom and LED flashlight facilities. In this phone you will get 40 MB internal memory, which can be expanded up to eight GB by micro SD memory card. From the camera, you will get many options. You can edit your pictures. It has face detection capacity and you can take smiling shot. At a time you can take nine snaps with quick succession. It will help you get the best quality pictures for your mobile phone. You can also take beaming smile shot from your camera features. In this handset you will get wide screen and touch screen display. Three inch touch screen display you can only use for multi-media and camera. It has traditional keypad and 16 million color effect wide screen. You can clearly listen to super quality music by audio system. The Sony Ericsson Aino U10i handset is adorned with so many features. You will be spellbound to see the features. You can enjoy Bluetooth facilities including GPRS, Google Maps, DLNA Certified, and Modem, Synchronization PC, and Picture Bridge, USB mass storage, USB support and Wi-Fi. To make your life smooth, all these technology will help you. You will get uncommon design of this handset. The front side is bottomless and closed with screen and it moves around the body. You will get other button like lock. You will get camera button on the right hand side. In this handset you will get typical menu system. Main menu is divided with icons by which you can access to all menu areas. The menu system has not changed over the year. It has only got expansion. So all these devices will help you enjoy the life smoothly and easily. So it can be the best option for you.