Sony Ericsson C510 Review – Mobile With State of the Art Music Capabilities

A new phone from Sony is the Ericsson C510. It is a phone that is designed for image capturing and music capabilities. This phone is light at 92 grams and again offers 262 thousand colors and very high screen resolutions. It has a 2.2 inch screen which is standard size. The battery power is staggering at an allowance of 10 hours of talk time and video call times over two hours in length.

This phone features a 3.2 megapixel camera and a ton of picture options. It offers the Smile Shot technology, Photo Light to brighten dark backgrounds, and Photo Fix which allows one to do instant photo editing. It also showcases Auto focus, Geo tagging, and Picture blogging so you can post your photos to your blog with the location, time, and instant editing to reduce red eye, so your photos are ready to impress! You can also change the setting from single shot to landscape by turning the handset from side to side.

The Ericsson C510 offers state of the art music capabilities that are becoming popular in today’s phones. It includes an Fm radio embedded into the phone and a Bluetooth stereo for playing MP3 files. You can also use these files to customize your ring tones. Another interesting feature that this phone offers musically is the Track ID feature. This allows one to play a few seconds of a song and get full details like artist, title, and song length. There are only 100 megabytes of memory on this phone, but it is expandable with a Microstick flash drive.

Most phones include internet in some form or another. The Ericsson C510 is no exception. It offers the newest Quad band technology with WAP 1.2 and 2.0, and Access NetFront web feeds. It also offers Synchronization, Bluetooth, Modem, USB mass storage, and regular USB access. You must be wary about signing onto your internet without a data package from your provider, as it may cost to connect and transfer data.

This version of the Sony Ericsson features the newest technology in phone game play as well. Its called the Motion Gaming Technology. This new technology allows one to hold the phone and tilt it in order to move whatever objects that are required by the game to move to where ever they need to be. This is an improvement on the standard, hunt and peck for the right buttons race! This technology makes playing new 3D versions of old classics much more fun.