Sony Ericsson W508 – A Stylish and Entertaining Handset

The Sony Ericsson W508 is a flip opening 3G phone, which enables its user to leave their individual styles on their phone, by adding the new and fashionable Style up casing for this phone.

Here are the following features of the W508 3G mobile phone:

It has an internal screen size of 2.2 inches, which provide a high quality display. This handset also has an external screen, which allows the user to view information when the flip is closed.
It weighs only 98 grams, making is very handy and easy to carry.
It has a built in, 100MB of internal memory and also supports Micro M2 memory cards up to 16 gigabytes in size. This enables users to have ample space to save their music records and games.
It also has a built in Walkman, that supports AAC and MP3 formats.
It also supports Bluetooth A2DP, which gives users a wireless listening experience.
This handset comes with the Track ID feature, which enables the user to find among his music files, the title of the song he is looking for. It also has the Mega Bass feature for that wonderful bass sound, and the Play Now feature, that enables the user to download ringtones.
It also has a built in FM radio with RDS music information feature.
Do you love watching YouTube? If yes, this is the mobile phone for you. The Sony W508 has a built in browser that supports web feeds such as Google maps and your favourite YouTube.
Users can also stay in contact with their friends through email, because it also has a mobile email service.
Users may send and receive messages with pictures and sound with the mobile’s MMS feature or they can just simply send a regular text message using through SMS.
A built in 3.2 mega pixel camera enables users to capture both still pictures and also moving videos. This camera features a built in light, digital zoom and geo tagging to enable its users to take high quality photos.