Sore Throats – Causes and Treatment

One of the most common reasons people visit the doctor is due to a sore throat and as a consequence, is ordinarily treated with antibiotics. Sore throats are of course related to tonsillitis which is an inflammation of the tonsils upon either side of the throat and in terms of children, is one of the most common conditions related to sore throat conditions. The reason why children tend to suffer from tonsillitis more than any other age group is because of the prominence of the tonsil glands and therefore their susceptibility to infection.

The common causes of sore throats are predominantly viral and therefore should not really be treated with antibiotics given antibiotics are only effective against bacterial infections and not viral ones. The majority of sore throats can be easily treated by consuming plenty of fluids, paracetamol and soluble aspirin mouth washes/gargles solutions. Although not treating the underlying cause, these measures will help reduce any soreness until such time as the infection has passed.

Bacterial antibiotics should be prescribed if your sore throat is becoming worse following several days of symptoms. If you have a fever and you notice a yellow discharge at the back of your throat then you will require an antibiotic course of treatment.

In the past, tonsillectomy was the preferred option when it came to sufferers of sore throats especially in children. However, today far fewer tonsillectomies are performed given research has indicated that removing children’s tonsils has only a limited effect on curing the sore throat problem. It is worth noting that the majority of children grow out of the tendency to contract tonsillitis following attaining the age of around eight or nine. This is because the throat elongates making the tonsil glands are far less prominent than they once were, therefore reducing infection.

Taking the above into account, sore throats can easily be treated at home with over-the-counter medicines. However, should your sore throat persist and be accompanied by a fever and a yellow discharge from the tonsils medical advice should be sought and a visit to your local doctor or medical physician to rule out any other conditions is to be advised.