Soup Healthy and Quick Soup Recipes

Fiesta corn and chicken soup healthy with tomatoes.

Finely chop onion, pepper and paprika 1 / 2 part. Bake in a few tablespoons of olive oil for about 5 minutes on low heat glassy and soft but not brown. Add two cloves of minced garlic, teaspoon of cumin and oregano and 1 / 2 teaspoon cayenne pepper. If you like spicy food, add cayenne pepper. Cut two chicken breasts, boneless, 1 / 2 inch, more pot. Sauté a few minutes.

Add 2 cups frozen corn kernels, fresh, and it can be used. to improve maize, and the taste. While corn is cooking, cut 2 large tomatoes. In the pot with 4 cups chicken broth too. simmer for 20 minutes to let flavors combine. Serve with corn chips restaurant and a touch of lemon. Add a salad with jicama, cucumber slices and toss with lemon juice, coriander, salt and pepper.

Oriental Shrimp with Noodle Soup Healthy

to decorate Chop two bunches onions (scallions), reservation of 1 / 2 cup. Crush 3 garlic cloves, finely chopped 1 / 2 teaspoon fresh ginger, add, if you want to taste the ginger. Cut 4 ounces mushrooms. Sauté over medium heat until the onions are soft. Add a pound of medium size, peeled shrimp paste. Cook, pink and shrimp. Add 4 cups chicken broth tablespoons soy sauce and rice noodles for 4 people. Simmer until the pasta cooked according to instructions on the package. At the end of cooking time before serving the soup healthy, add a healthy little bundle of fresh spinach. Spinach should be soon. Garnish each serving reserved spring onions.

easy soup healthy with bacon winter vegetables

Sauté onion and two stalks of celery 3 tablespoons oil or 4 minutes. Add 3 boneless loins, which are cut into small pieces. Add your favorite winter vegetables cut into bite-size pieces. Try carrots, pumpkin, carrots, turnips, sweet potatoes, parsnips. Add beer and 3 cups of chicken broth. Simmer until tender vegetables are about 20 minutes. With crusty bread.

Try this healthy soup, quick and tasty lunch.

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