Sour Crop Is A Serious Illness Your Parrot Can Suffer From

Sour crop or “crop stasis,” is amazingly common in young birds, but it is one that needs immediate vet care. It is a condition where a baby parrot has a crop that has been affected with bad food. Sour crop leads to a lot of other diseases inside the parrot which eventually results in death and this is why such a symptom should be identified before it brings about the effects of full blown sour crop.


There are several causes of sour crop and these can include:

Obstruction: This is the indigestion of any food or foreign objects inside the parrot given during the day.

Viral diseases: This accounts to proventricular dilatation disease.

Fungal infection: Food that has been eaten by the parrot was infected by fungus.

Bacterial infection: The rotten food intake might cause a bacterial infection in the crop or other area of the intestinal track of the bird.

Metabolic diseases: Diseases like liver malfunction and pancreatitis can also be a cause.

Improper feeding: young parrots need consistent feeding, with food at the right temperature so that it is not harmed in any way. The food needs to be soft and easily digestible. Even severe climatic conditions can cause the spoiling of food that small parrots eat.


Regurgitation,diarrhea or vomiting

The crop being overdistension and firm to touch whereas it is usually quite soft and spongy.

Lethargy – excessive sleeping, keeping their head under the wing, ruffled feathers indicate that the birds are too weak to stay awake and an immediate call for the vet is necessary.

Decreased appetite -the birds will be in no condition for eating as their digestive track of which the crop is part of, is infected and you might notice a decrease in their appetite.

Less active: the birds will not be responsive.


If you have seen your parrot show any signs listed above then you should see a vet immediately as sour crop can affect the bird very quickly and very seriously. The vet will remove the food, usually orally.

Effects of sour crop in most birds that are suffering will be severe dehydration and a large intake of fluid is mandatory. So once the crop has been taken from the body of the bird it needs to be given high intake of fluid.

Parrot feeding needs care at all times and a vigilant watch on its diet will become a habit after a while but if you have a young parrot do watch everything that it eats and do not leave food in the cage to spoil.