Spa Equipment To Fit Your Needs

All over the world, millions upon millions of people come to spas to relax and gain a little rest from the day to day world. Sadly, for the people in charge of running the spa, it is often anything but relaxing. There are so many details to keep in mind in order to make sure those visiting don’t have to think of anything at all. It’s a good thing that modern spa equipment has come such a long way, relieving much of the burden of anyone who wants to make their spa a place of peace and beauty.

One of the big things in many spas is bathing. More formally known as balneotherapy, this will of course require a tub of some kind. Even if a particular spa is fortunate enough to have a hot spring, spa equipment will still be necessary, such as walls or pipes to channel the waters, something to hold towels and/or clothing, and perhaps somewhere to wash up before entering the spring – since the spring is for relaxing, not for washing.

Spas without hot springs that still want bathing facilities will have to provide tubs. The old style was usually either sunk into the floor and filled with water of the appropriate temperature, or built from watertight wood with places for sitting within. These are still available, of course, but the right spa equipment can make matters such much easier by providing heated water through plumbing, at the very least. Tubs can also include jets of water that effectively act as a massage, for that extra soothing effect.

Massages do not necessarily come from water, of course – though that is a possibility to consider with your spa equipment! The vichy shower, for instance is essentially a shower with powerful jets that massages away the tension of those who stand beneath the nozzle. What about a shower massage that will not get the client wet? A dry water massage bed uses water to massage, one much like the vichy shower, but with a foam pad for the client to lay upon. A plastic sheet covers the client and the water massage begins, without the client being soaked. A more modern method of dry water massage involves a mattress much like a waterbed, but filled with warm water and jets of water and air, rather than inert water.

The traditional type will require specialized spa equipment, and there is so much from which to choose.  Most opt for a simple massage table. The important things are that the table be easy to clean, heavily padded, with the proper head support so the client can breathe while lying face down. Beyond that, there are so many directions you can take it. Your table might have adjustable sections so you can position the client’s body as necessary. Or you might simply buy some orthopedic pillows or bolsters to do the same. In fact, your table doesn’t even need to be a table – it could be a chair. Massage chairs are great convenience for everyone involved, as they can be moved anywhere, and the client generally does not need to disrobe for treatment.

All of this is barely scratching the surface when it comes to Spa Equipment – with all the options available, it will be a snap to create the perfect trouble-free spa.