Special Amino Acid Food Market Demand And Steady Sales Growth Of 2

Because the U.S. national obesity rate higher, therefore carnitine is booming in the U.S. market, has launched a carnitine weight loss drinks, chocolate, ice cream and other food. It is reported that carnitine tartrate has a faint aroma and easy moisture absorption, the most appropriate use of food additives as weight loss. In recent years, Wuhan, Hubei domestic manufacturers based in the United States each year and the number of exports to EU countries up to hundreds of tons of carnitine tartrate, Ningbo to become China’s largest export port of carnitine.

 It is reported that carnitine and its salts in the USA and Japan and the EU are considered to be GRAS (recognized as safe food) level API. F & S, according to economic analysts, last year the global L-carnitine and salts about 76 million total sales ~ 78 million U.S. dollars. This figure will certainly expected more than 80 million U.S. dollars.

 Carnitine in the international market products in the total carnitine tartrate carnitine sales accounted for 63.2%, 24.5% carnitine base, and other carnitine salt together accounted for the remaining 12.3%. Since 2004, carnitine international market has maintained annual sales growth of 4.5% to 5%, expected the next few years will continue to maintain this growth rate will not be ups and downs of the phenomenon.

 Citrulline: the rapid expansion of domestic producers team

 Citrulline is recognized as the most widely used as a natural amino acid products, such as enhance immunity, the maintenance of bone and joint health, impotence, balance blood sugar, absorbing the body of harmful free radicals, and reduce cholesterol. Foreign firms have been gradually developed many kinds of health products containing citrulline, which is the best selling impotence natural health food, such as tablets and citrulline citrulline plus ginseng, guarana fruit, yohimbine and you coffee impotence natural plant extracts such as the composition of such compound.

 Citrulline in recent years the international market sales increased year by year. In 2007, global sales of citrulline about 8,000 tons of the total market is expected to reach total sales volume of the world citrulline about 9,000 tons.

 Wuhan, Hubei, Zhejiang and China has become the production base of the two citrulline. Citrulline domestic exports increased year by year, and has become an important export of new varieties of amino acids. Since citrulline is GRAS-class products, so foreign to its less regulated. In recent years the ranks of domestic producers citrulline rapid expansion of the number of producers has grown to more than a dozen, but the products are basically synthesized citrulline. It is reported that Beijing Jian Li Pharmaceutical companies have invested 5 million yuan in Beijing, Daxing County, a new production base of natural citrulline is expected to be put into operation next year, the number of tons of annual production will be extracted from the peel of ammonia in natural melons acid, products are all exported to the U.S. and Japan.

 Although the special amino acids was less than its current sales and production of lysine, methionine and glutamic acid compared to those bulk drug raw material of amino acids, but because it can be directly used to produce all kinds of health food, so the market demand and sales have been steadily . Given the vagaries of the current international market conditions, amino acid manufacturer in China should be ready to understand and grasp the new international market trends, take timely adjustment of product and marketing measures.