Special Steps “step S Outstanding” Ranqing Star City Is Not Night-day – Food Steamers

Imposing unprecedented scale, an unprecedented atmosphere of entertainment, unprecedented entertainment lineup – 8 night of 22, “Step s outstanding” special step 2009 Superstar Tour Changsha station hot debut, Nicholas Tse, Jolin Tsai, Charlene Choi, Will Pan once again moving in unison singing. That night, Star bright, the people turned out. Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Centre in the concert scene, filled with vibrant music, Lala rod-like surge tide, thunderous applause sounded from time to time, heroic people chorus, the passion surging detonated Star City, vividly to perform a ” Step s outstanding “, achievements of the musical feast of classic Star City.
Top line-up ever sensation
Nicholas Tse, Charlene Choi, Jolin Tsai, Pan, each name can be seen to be so familiar, so madness, so look forward to. August 22 evening, when the four days after King performed airborne Star City venue, their music and dancing, the audience exploded instantly. Nicholas Tse’s cool, SA A fresh, Jolin Tsai’s sexy, Will Pan’s hip-hop, “a step s outstanding” Superstar Tour 2009 at the Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Star City, the audience for the hearing dedicated to a gluttonous feast.
Four star turns singing, fans address him enjoyable to live. Whether it is “Thank you for your love 1999”, “small dimples,” “the sun never sets” or “happy cult”, each song of passion ignited the scene, attracting people chorus. Shock of the song in the flashing light sticks and a flood of Lala bar boost, the formation of a strong shock wave, almost lifted the roof of the venue should be.
Xtep concert not only a gathering of stars, packed to overflowing, the host team is also very large. From Channel [V] show host Li Chen, together with “Hunan Economic TV,” a popular host, Lee Ho, Peng Yu, Mark, with four concerts over the icing on the cake.
In the top ten brands by the Chinese portal site, “Voices of line” and launch initiatives, and joint co-launched the national mainstream media, “China’s most influential brand of 60 stars” and the “Ten Outstanding Star” and “Ten new star “selected activities, special steps spokesman Nicholas Tse was elected” China’s most influential brand star “one, and lead” after 80 “indicates the breadth of its influence, deep.
High extreme strong momentum
Changsha, a set of fashion and entertainment in one of the “Happy Camp.” Here, we again witness this entertainment city’s people’s boundless enthusiasm for music and entertainment.
The first is surprising the audience queued up for Hong Kong. Ten thousand spectators holding tickets for concerts, the two entrance points on both sides line up, winding road lined up stadiums. Concert has not yet started, the venue is packed with nearly ten thousand seats. Such a large scale, setting the current tour will be the first four games of the best.
In order to concert more perfect, more all citizens, in concert one month before the concert started, carefully prepared special seven-step road show activities and the “star mimicry.” In Hunan Province, the Changsha, Zhuzhou, Xiangtan, Loudi, Changde, Yiyang, Yueyang and other seven show area, thousands of people involved in this popular great PK. After the election the sea, check, final selection, the total resolution of 22 site to complete the evening concerts of Changsha. The popular “Star mimicry” not only to Hunan consumers foot off the “star addiction”, but also for concert would take the momentum.
Concert scene, when after seven “star mimicry”, the ultimate power to send two players selected, with the stars on the same stage, the applause of his audiences. Bright stars, waving light sticks and Lala rods, nearly ten thousand fans screaming and shouting … … lost all converging fashion and fun, passionate sea.
Do not see the night to Hunan Tianyuan
Xtep concert, Star City is not nights. More than two hours of performances, the four star turns singing, to bring tens of thousands of spectators, a happy endless track. Star City that night, because of the special step “step s outstanding” concert, but even more unusual. Powered concert attracted numerous media attention, “Hunan Economic TV” throughout the recording, broadcast a special step in this concert, the audience can make off a full audio-visual feast Xtep’s blessing.
It is understood that in recent years, special steps in Hunan, has been movement of goods market dominates the brand is, and Hunan TV entertainment culture are inseparable: not only is a “happy girl” in the subject of sponsorship, the exclusive title of Hunan Satellite TV famous brand part of “special step every day” is even more formidable in the country’s variety TV show stood out, striking record. “Special step has always been a deep and Hunan fate.” Qi Ye, vice president of special step that in sports, special steps also have a profound source of Hunan, in October this year, organized by The People’s Republic of China in Shandong Eleventh Games, Hunan delegation will further equipped with special-famous venue. BOLA TANGKAS