Spice mobile phones an innovative phones to spice up your life

Spice phone has established itself as a reliable name in the competitive mobile handset segment. Spice mobile has a variety of phones with different specifications for diverse users. Spice M67 3D is among the latest spice phones. The View D allows user to experience images and videos in 3D. The phone is designed with features like a 2MP camera, FM radio and MP3 player. Expandable memory upto 16GB, GPRS and WAP technology are other specifications.

The spice mobile phones have an interesting remote wipe that can delete phone data even if it is lost just by sending a unique SMS. The S-1200 with a 12MP camera and G-6565 that supports 3G are other new offerings from the Spice family priced at Rs 14,000 and Rs. 10,000 respectively.

The M series has models like the M-4242, M-4250, M-4580n, M-5161n, M-5170, M-5262, M-5454 and M-6262 in its bouquet. These phones have multi SIM support that frees you from the hassle of carrying two handsets. Mp3 player & FM, Dual LED Torch, expandable memory and a high performing battery are other specifications of M series Spice phones. Digital camera with video record & play lets you cherish life’s memorable moments and relive them.

The QT series from Spice is useful for the ones who are always hooked onto social networking sites or like to SMS their friends and contacts. There are many models available in this series like QT-65, QT 58, QT 61, QT-95, QT-68, QT-60 and QT-50. The phones are designed with trackball feature that lets you move smoothly on every menu, camera with video record & play and an answering machine. The handsets can support EDGE/JAVA/GPRS also. The QT-95 is a 3G+2G Phone that can support video call facility besides enhancing services like multimedia, high speed internet and mobile broadband.

The Mi-300 is a smart Spice phone based on the Android operating system. It is designed with features like 3.5G for e-mailing, surfing and downloading at high speed, Wi-Fi and AGPS. The phone has a touch screen with proximity sensor that locks the screen to avoid accidental call drops and optical dodge ball to navigate through the phone. A 5MP camera with high definition video play and 3.5mm audio jack makes it a truly multimedia phone.

M-6 Sports comes with a sleek and sporty look that is set with Yahoo Sports, social networking and lots of java applications. This spice mobile has features like multi SIM, one touch FM, MP3 player and a stereo bluetooth to share images, music and sound clips from your personal collection. 1.3MP Camera with video play back and expandable memory upto 4GB allows you to store as many images or videos you want. The phone is available in green and orange colours. Spice cheap mobile phones are innovative and technologically advanced devices that are slowly making their presence felt in the Indian market.