Spiritual Eating Secrets – 3 Easy Ways to Do All Foods Justice (Yes, This Includes Veggies!)

We need to start doing our food justice if we want to heal our relationships with food. If we expect justice in how we’re treated as individuals, we can only have freedom from unhealthy eating habits if we learn to give that same equality to food. Ideals are something that we can practice daily even if it’s with food, animals, and things like our cars.

But how exactly do you do food justice? What is food asking of you?

Make Time For The Right Foods

As we have evolved as humans, so have the foods that come from the Earth. They depend on us to survive and we need them to keep us going. The importance of this relationship can’t be understated. In your daily life, you can show recognition of this by making the time to prepare simple clean meals that nourish your body. Slow down during the day. This means not eating at your desk or settling for just a quick bite to eat.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a meal and showing appreciation.

Stray Away From Mass Produced Foods

There’s so many food products competing for our attention these days. Unfortunately, the Earth doesn’t have as much of a marketing budget as the large food companies. But what the Earth does have is giving you foods that can heal your body and your mind. Stepping away from the big companies is essential. You need to tell them that their massed produced foods aren’t what’s serving you anymore.

You’re not doing justice to the right foods by being a pawn in the advertising game.

Recognize The Value In Simple Foods

Since you rarely see an ad boldly proclaiming the benefits of a sweet potato over sugar laden 100 calorie snacks, it’s easy to think that the snacks are much more valuable than the simple food. But foods from the Earth are equal to, if not more valuable than, than any man made snacks. You can’t do food justice unless you recognize this.