Spiritual Eating Secrets – 3 Steps to Open Yourself Up to Allow Healthy Foods to Change Your Life

Changing my relationship with food brought me unparalleled happiness like I had never experienced before. It helped me see all the mistakes I was making in all areas of my life and shined a light on the things that I could do to change everything. Changing your life doesn’t have to be a huge goal. It has to be one goal that you’re dedicated to and give your full attention to – why not start with healthy eating?

Here are 3 simple steps you can follow to allow healthy food to change your life.

1) Make A Firm Decision Today To Change

There is no perfect time to start eating healthy except for right now, in this moment. If you can’t look yourself in the mirror and honestly say that you’re going to change things today, then you haven’t made the decision. You’re still in the phase of “Wouldn’t that be great?” or “I’d like to do that some day” but the real success comes from saying “I’m doing it today and nothing can stop me”

2) Choose Your Next Logical Step

Once you’re sure that you’ve made the decision, you have to choose one thing that you’re going to accomplish. For me, this was quitting soda. It might be something entirely different for you. But either way, it has to be one thing. Healthy eating is a big goal – one that needs to be broken down into many smaller ones. Make it your goal this week to add one new healthy eating behavior to your life.

3) Feel Good About What You’re Doing

After choosing the one thing you’re doing to do, you must do whatever it takes to feel about what you’re trying to accomplish. If you feel negative feelings towards changing the way you eat, you need to work on that feeling so that you don’t undermine your efforts to change. If you’re struggling, it’s not working.