Spiritual Eating Secrets – Is Your Food Comfort Zone Keeping You From Success (I Say Yes!)

Whether you realize it or not, you have a food comfort zone that you’re not often willing to travel out of. It could be a certain balance of carbs to protein or types of vegetables you’re willing to eat. Either way, your mind becomes focused on what your preferences are – and then you’re unable to make changes that will help you push past your plateau.

Here are 3 simple steps to help you stretch your food comfort zone

1. Start Identifying Your Comfort Zone

You absolutely must see what your limits are when it comes to food. If you’re not willing to give up sweets, you need to examine that. Is it an emotional reason that stops you from choosing healthy snacks over sweets? Or if you’re a woman who is afraid of eating more meat and protein, start seeing that you have that comfort zone and what the source of it is. When it comes to all other areas of your life, your comfort zone needs to be stretched if you want to succeed.

Stretching this zone doesn’t mean pain and heartbreak through. It just means you’re being brave enough to take one step across the line.

2. Choose One Thing To Change Today

When I realized I was stuck in my food comfort zone, I noticed that eating more vegetables and less baked goods was one of my limits. So, instead of trying to overhaul the entire way I ate, I made one simple change that I know could help me. If you’re not getting enough greens, choose to explore new ways of cooking with kale or spinach this week. The problem with traditional weight loss is that it’s composed of lots of little goals that you have to accomplish.

Realistically, you need to set one achievable goal that will stretch this comfort zone.

3. Repeat As Necessary

Imagine going through this process once a week or month. At the end of the year, you will be inviting new foods into your life. And you’ll be realizing that your comfort zone is much larger than it used to be. Those who eat the same thing day in and day out will stay the same way no matter what. But when you go through this comfort zone stretching cycle, you’ll be tricking your body in good ways that makes it get rid of those last few pounds.

Just like there is muscle confusion with exercise, there is food confusion with nutrition.